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HomeCare West
Providing quality and caring home care services for seniors in North Vancouver and West Vancouver.
Providing quality and caring home care services for seniors in North Vancouver and West Vancouver.


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The Silver Harbour Center's annual Spring Cr aft Sale is on Saturday, May 7th!
Free Admission to browse and shop Woodworking, Baking, Pottery, Stained Glass, Knitting, Silk Scarves, and more.
Time: 10 AM - 1 PM
Location: 144 East 22nd Street, North Vancouver
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Foodie Friday: Tips for increasing your intake of calcium and Vitamin D:
1. Try sprinkling grated cheese on sandwiches, salads, vegetables, or soup,
2. Add milk instead of water to your soup and hot cereals.
3. White, navy or baked beans, almonds, sesame seeds, broccoli, and figs are also great sources of calcium.
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Foodie Friday: Healthy Trail Mix for a day in the great outdoors. Mix together the following:
2 cups of unsalted roasted sunflower seeds
2 cups of green pumpkin seeds
1.5 cups of currants or raisins
1 cup of roasted unsalted almonds
1 cup of roasted unsalted cashews
1 cup of roasted unsalted peanuts

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Are you eating enough and getting the nutrients you need?

Be sure to eat regularly, including 3 meals a day and a small snack in between. If you need to increase your appetite, you can
1. Exercise before meals,
2. Add flavour to your food with herbs and spices, and
3. Eat with other people if possible. If you do eat alone and are not motivated to cook, our personal assistants can prepare healthy meals and provide company.
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Learn the Essentials of the iPhone and iPad! In this fun 3-session course offered by GLUU, you'll learn tips, apps, and answers to your questions.
Register: Call 1-855-458-8622
Date: Friday, May 27
Location: St. Martin's Church
Time: 1-2PM
More about GLUU:
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Walking is an easy way to fit some exercise into your day. Make it a habit!
1. Take a walk at lunchtime or for errands, such as the neighborhood bank, store, or post office.
2. Walk a dog or a neighbour’s dog.
3. Put aside a time each day that is convenient for you. You want to enjoy walking, not think of it as a chore.
4. Plan a scenic route that is easy to follow.
5. Prevent injuries by walking slowly to warm up and cool down.

Remember: a short walk every day is better than a tough long walk once a week!
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Foodie Friday: Super Ice Cream Muffin Recipe

1 pint softened Vanilla ice cream
2 cups sifted self-rising flour

Blend ice cream & flour to moisten until the batter is lumpy. Grease 10 muffin tins & fill each to 3/4 full. Bake at 350 degrees F for 20 minutes. Serve warm or with a healthy dollop of ice cream) ... YUM!
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Have you already checked if your elderly loved one is eligible for additional financial assistance under the Medical Services Plan (MSP)? Changes to MSP & Premium Assistance may help families, individuals, & seniors with the cost of living. Regular Premium Assistance may be provided retroactively for up to 6 years from the date of application.

Learn more or apply for Regular & Temporary Premium Assistance at or by calling 1-800-663-7100.
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Happy National Peanut Butter & Jelly Day!
Just when you thought your favorite Peanut Butter & Jelly sandwich couldn't get any better ... It did. Try a few of these 14 delicious ideas and let us know what you think!
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Sometimes care-giving can feel like an endless To-Do List: running extra errands, cooking meals and doing laundry, managing medical tasks ... It’s hard to remember your own needs when you’re taking care of someone else.

You’re not alone. Here are some ideas to better care for your loved one and yourself:
- Learn about care coordination.
- Get additional help and support with care-giving activities.
- Talk to your employer about your working and care-giving commitments.
- Take the time to invest in yourself.

More to come: suggestions for each of these actions you can take to reclaim control in your life.
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