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Kamil Blecharczyk

Question from player. who really cares about this:
Can you use worn implement or do you have to wield it in hand. Also can it be a weapon? Two handed?
I would say what-f****ng-ever but its kind of deal-breaker for her.

After first adventure my players decided that they want to earn some money during downtime.
Changeling decided to impersonate deceased guy from town watch and earn some money by getting bribed, and second player(dwarf) decided to pick some pockets. Obviously they already paid for their living expenses. Ehhmm... Not entirely - changeling guy wants to live in barracks of town watch.

I am not really sure how to handle it. I guess both of those actions are bit bad, and that could deserve their first point of corruption, but still there is probably some money they could earn. I don't want to drop many coins though. Maybe I could get away with dropping contacts on them, maybe I should throw local thieves group/guild being annoyed by their actions?

So do you have any ideas how I could handle this?
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