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Cool, fun with gravity! 
Animation by Mike Loucks/SEE: Original trajectory from 1978-1985 showing L1 orbit, cool billiard-ball action w/the Moon and then escape.

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 XKCD wins the Internet yet again.

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"...successfully designed and fabricated electrical circuits that can operate at hundreds of terahertz frequencies"

Today's World Backup Day. That make tomorrow Data Recovery Day?

 APRIL FOOLS!!!!   seems appropriate

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See what they're talking to now

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Via +Adam Tygart  SO much cleaning, easier than Xming. I just works. SSH, X11 forwarding, magic.

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Post has attachment  "Chanute, Kansas vs Goliath"  

"Telecoms (AT&T and Cable One) wouldn't bring fiber broadband service to our town, so we chose to build it ourselves.  Now, draconian legislation has been brought forth to stop us.  This is our story."

and there's even a video.   Chanute, Kansas vs Goliath

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Not much of an incentive.
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