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Alex Gaynor

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I blogged about PyCon 2014
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Alex Gaynor

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The whole idea looks to me as practical as plan9 or a microkernel. Neat, elegant conceptually, its performance problems being architecturally inherent, and, as a result, used by next to no one in the wild.
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Alex Gaynor

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Lately I've been working on getting OpenStack Swift, which is a distributed object storage system (basically an S3 equivalent) running on PyPy. I wanted to make note of a few things I had to fix:

* Many cases of not explicitly closing files in the tests.
* A case of SQLite cursors not explicitly being closed.
* A bug in PyPy's greenlet module with throwing GreenletExit exceptions into stopped or un-started greenlets.
* A case where simplejson (which is used on CPython) returns strings, but the stdlib json (which is used on PyPy) returns unicode, leading to a breakage.
* The xattr module being a CPython C-extension. Ported to use cffi (also added python3 support because I was in the mood).

Besides these there are two issues I haven't fixed yet:
* The netifaces module being a CPython C-extension. I haven't decided how to handle this yet, swift only uses a tiny bit of the module, so I might just port those bits to use cffi.
* PyPy missing statvfs and fstatvfs, I'll add these today

Once these are all done and the full test suite passes I'll work with the OpenStack infrastructure team to add swift+PyPy to the list of CI builds needed for a patch to merge, and then start working on benchmarking, profiling, and optimization.
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Alex, im working on statvfs and fstatvfs. Today I will send a pulk request. Ok?
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Alex Gaynor

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I'm standing up against verbal abuse on LKML.  I will happily stand alone, however you can also support this cause.  Please speak up, either here on Google+ by resharing this post, or commenting on this post with words of support.  If you dare, you can also reply to my lkml email.

"Where do I put this fire? This bright red feeling? This Tiger Lily down my mouth? He wants to grow to 20 feet tall... I'm so tired of being shy; I'm not that girl any more. I'm not that straight-A anymore."

Paula Cole - "Tiger" - Live at Pershing Square

#linux #kernelhackers #kernel #abuse #resistance  


Examples of verbally abusive behavior on the Linux kernel mailing list:
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