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So I spent way too much money on a new Espresso machine... I'm... so... jittery!!!!!!
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Walking around like the Great Cornholio?
I'd like to get into Espresso more, I suspect I simply haven't had good Espresso yet.
i'm so glad you're on G+ Alex.
+Alex Albrecht I haven't followed you in years until recently when I found you here on G+. But from what I remember watching you, you were ALWAYS jittery <grin>
Start the day with an espresso/coffee of choice, and then move to green tea. It'll keep you caffeine high without the crash and the jitters.
Tip: invest in a good grinder and buy your beans at a good speciality coffee roaster... Don't ruin a good machine with bad coffee ;)
and the model is ? Also do you like the espresso ?
As long as it makes a mean cup a Joe it's all good!
You say that like it's a bad thing!
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