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This is how I should go to sleep.
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Hm, but we only know that if Pinocchio lies then his nose grows. We don't know that his nose only grows when he lies. Perhaps his nose also grows when he eats jelly beans. In which case, Pinocchio's nose grows in this instance not because he was lying but because he was eating jelly beans.
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Hard day at the dog park.
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Kat M
Awww fluffer 
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Went to the dog park a few weeks back and Lord found a friend. They ran around jumping and playing until he was p out of steam and just laid in the damp bark.

One if the few times he didn't fight leaving... Probably too tired to. 
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Norway gives the best presents. 
If the country succeeds, it will be the world's best 100th-birthday gift
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One man and his stick... against lasers. Pffhh. Where can I find a stick? I'd be unstoppable.
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If I pull up an existing fleet and tap so that it pulls up the name, max points, labels, etc... The program crashes back to the main screen wherever I try to open labels. 
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I have labels created, the fleet doesn't have any applied. I'll send you the fleet a bit later this morning. 
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Lord's Mom, Dad, and 4 of his siblings. They ran around for a solid two hours before stopping. 
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Via +Lillith Sullivan

I too would subscribe.
For some reason, people have been sharing my Grognard Magazine covers again, so just in case you missed it the first time around, here you go:
Imgur: The most awesome images on the Internet.
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I love Three Panel Soul.
Just to verify it's #FIDOFRIDAY  and #NATIONALDOGDAY  all at once... Look up conflate in the dictionary and you'll see it correctly used for once.
Hey guys. We've officially joined up with Hiveworks as an affilliate, and they built us a snazzy new site! One that isn't just me banging two rocks together on someone's sample WordPress template. At the same time, we're launching a Patreon! Patreon, for those that don't know, ...
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I'm Josh but go by Xelveki and Veki as well. 

I studied Philosophy and Information Technology. I consider myself to be Intellectually Promiscuous. I like bouncing around hearing about new ideas and methods. I'm told it's very ENFP of me. 

I'm a frequent gamer: PC, board, pen and paper, and miniature.
I love reading about science and technology.
I'm a quiet Atheist and a closet socialist. 
I enjoy a good movie and a lot of bad movies. 
My bookshelf is split between Science Fiction, Fantasy and Philosophy. 
I like to understand and do things that are perceived as complicated.
I used to run an MMO raiding group before everyone got jobs and children.
I have StarWars lego Star Destroyer around my house because I can. 
I like Winter.

I wrote this while listening to rain on my headset despite it being a sunny day. 
Bragging rights
I'm the kind of evil you enjoy.
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