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Google+ Profile of the official YouTube Channel of HellermannTyton Group plc.
Google+ Profile of the official YouTube Channel of HellermannTyton Group plc.
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The #Windpark has been supplying the grid for a number of years. But routine inspection has shown that the wear on the cable system is higher than expected. Time to retrofit cable protection products from with HellermannTyton!
This is one of our more straightforward missions because we have a host of products suitable for repairing and improving running systems. Maintenance engineers don’t even have to dismantle everything. #Typically HellermannTyton
Discover more about our cable management solutions for wind turbines such as Helagaine Twist-In and HELAHOOK braided sleeving: #offshore #windpark #maintenance #torsion #abrasion

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True Professionals love what they do

We've been writing the cable tie love story for almost 60 years now. So here's a special Valentine's Day tribute to our beloved T-Series.
Appropriately packaged, we present to you the "Love Forever” edition in the colour “Passionate Red”. These faithful ties will make sure that your hearts are never broken – at least till the side cutter us do part! ;-)

#TrueProfessionalsLoveWhatTheyDo #BeMyValentine

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Is abrasion fraying your nerves and you cables?
Try out Helagaine Twist-in self-closing polyester cable protection sleeving if you are looking to save installation time whilst increasing operational reliability in your wind turbines. HellermannTyton provides a wide range of professional cable protection solutions for #offshore #windpark #maintenance #cabling #torsion

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“Reliable labelling of machines and parts is one of many applications for our RFID cable ties,” says Marco Schaffer, product manager at HellermannTyton.
Read this article to discover how RFID cable ties simplify industrial processes – examples and suggestions for your business, click here:

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So simple! Why didn't we have that before?
The self-adhesive FlexTack cable tie mount makes it easy to fix cables and wires securely on curved or angled surfaces - all without the need for screws, soldering or messing with thick layers of adhesive
#design #safety #Mounts #engineering
Read our blog article and discover how to attach cables securely to any surface:

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Make a clear statement with the M-BOSS Compact.
Solar panels are subject to weathering round the clock. Our M-BOSS Compact embossing system helps our customers make faded and weather-damaged marker plates a thing of the past.
M-BOSS Compact gives them the power to permanently mark stainless steel plates quickly with customised information. As the name says, the machine is very compact and has already proven its mettle in offshore environments. This level of reliability translates well to use in solar plants.
Resistant to heat, cold, corrosion, acids, chemicals, fire, etc.
Curious about M-BOSS Compact? Check it out here: #PV #Solar #Typically HellermannTyton #OffShore #Rail #ship building

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Ideal cable routing on curved and angled surfaces without the need for screws, soldering or messing with thick layers of adhesive?
FlexTack, the self-adhesive flexible cable tie mount, gives engineers greater design freedom to prevent trip hazards or avoid cable damage in challenging routing scenarios.
It even adheres firmly on high and low energy surfaces such as glass, metals, plastics or varnished, painted and powder-coated objects.
#Safety #CabelTie #Mounts #PlantConstruction #engineering
Find out more in our blog article here:

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Ready for quick and reliable abrasion protection.
Have you come across Helagaine Twist-In yet? This self-closing cable protection sleeve is easy to install and effectively reduces the abrasion on insulation of the loop cables in wind turbine towers. The sleeve design makes it easy to install and remoe, even on existing cable installations.

Follow this link to a video about Twist-In: #Offshore #Windpark #maintenance

Learn more about cable management solutions for wind turbines here:

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Having difficulties fixing cables and wires securely on curved or angled surfaces?
#Design #Safety #Cablemanagement
Read our blog article about the innovative FlexTack self-adhesive and flexible cable tie mount.
Click here:

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When it comes to the crunch …
… good preparation pays off. That’s why RELICON Reliseal cable joint sets are prefilled with RELICON gel. Just screw it together and you’re done. It’s so clever, it’s patented. Take a look yourself:
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