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Successful people don’t wait for opportunities to happen, they go out and make things happen for themselves. Two common factors I’ve observed among the greatest influencers of our time are hard core dedication to achievement and innovative ideas. Dedication is … Continue reading →

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Are you curious about what THE BIGGEST Trend is for 2017 in social media marketing?

You may think you know.. but do you really know?? 😁😁

I just posted the answer on my website tonight www.JacquelineJax.Tv ::

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The best Instagram marketing strategy to build huge branded platforms.

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An AVA LIVE Music Radio​ Feel Good #Soundcloud playlist for you to enjoy while your at work today!! 

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We pride ourselves on our live show…
and try to reflect the same vibe in the studio. We record live off the floor together as a band to retain as much of the live feel as possible. Ninety percent of our tunes start with a killer guitar riff from Paul (lead guitarist). From there we jam and build the song around the riff. Once we have the basic feel and structure complete, Pete (vocalist and bass) will bring in the lyrics and melody to compliment the music. We believe in letting the music speak and set the tone for the subject matter.

{Behind The Music} Leatherdust on Ride

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Growing as an artist..
I think the biggest thing for me is the enjoyment of writing and then hearing that final product.

I’m in a unique situation where I am no longer playing with a band (currently) so the musicians that play on my albums are studio musicians but they are awesome!

For example I always use the lead guitar player Kerry Marx who plays for the Olivia Newton John band. I met him and Olivia in Vegas. I am playing a lot more now and am thinking about getting a band together in Thailand.

{Behind The Music} Mike Contoni on Misunderstood Blues

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Think of this as a strategy for your future. If you narrow your field, you’re least likely to get confused about what you should be posting about and your audience can better connect with your instagram content.

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"Instead of having a sub-par representation in a lot of places, be awesome on a few of them. "

Everyone is in such a rush. Successful Branding and marketing isn't achieved in 1 week, you have to give your brand time to grow roots.

Invest the time in yourself and stop rushing to an imaginary finish line. Allow people the opportunity to get to know you. Allow them time to walk with you for a while.

We are all different, you never know how much time, sweat equity or learning you will have to invest before you see real growth. Real growth comes with effective efforts. Learn.. test.. practice.. try again...

Consistency is not accomplished in a moment, it's your daily involvement and investment that will bring you success.

It's important to grow deep roots before your branches begin to bare fruit but remember, the deeper your roots are, the stronger the tree. -

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Upcoming show today. Discover this week most inspiring #Indiemusic #Rock releases. 2.6 New Music Monday with @JacquelineJax

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Telling a New Story via @Jacquelinejax
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