Dear Amazon / AMC TV

Here is a torrent for tonight's episode of Breaking Bad:[eztv]

It has been available since at least 10:42pm PST, and probably a good period of time before that. It took me all of 10 seconds to find it.

Despite my indication that I'm willing to pay $2.84 for that very episode by signing up for an Amazon HDTV TV Pass for Breaking Bad: Season 4, you have not yet made this episode available for viewing online.

Consumers seem to have three choices here:

1. Pay a monthly fee of $20 on top of a cable subscription to be able to watch the episode exactly at 10pm, complete with advertising. Pay extra if you want to be able to pause or rewind the episode.

2. Pay $2.84/episode (roughly $12/mo) to watch the episode without advertisement at my own leisure, as long as my leisure isn't too soon after the episode airs.

3. Pay $0.00 to torrent the episode after it airs on the east coast. I'm betting if the stars align right, I might be able to start watching a pirated copy before the episode airs on the west coast.

Personally, I have money, and I don't mind paying you for the privilege of watching this show. I just don't like being punished for doing the right thing.

If you keep giving your paying customers worse service than those who pirate, guess what will happen?

A concerned customer,
Evan Krall´╗┐
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