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I personally found that the movie was not a very good adaptation of the book.
Paper Towns: Movie vs. Book
Did the movie Paper Towns live up to the expectations that I had based on the book and preview for the film?  I very much enjoyed John Green's novel Paper Towns. It's a romance, with adventure and really just about a teenager coming of age. Spoiler Alert : ...

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3 Online Productivity Tools
At this moment there are many online productivity suites. In this post I am going to talk about 3 of them, that I have used. I will also talk about how these can all be used in education, with a Chromebook. Google Apps Google has a very impressive suite of ...

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Why a State of Alberta speech, should be very similar to Obama's 2014 State of the Union speech
Obama making his 2014 State of the Union speech. Source:   Yesterday, Obama made his State of the Union speech. He talked about a lot of things including education, health care, equal pay, minimum wage and the economy. While he also ad...

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Chromebook Myths busted
Yesterday, I posted a Chromebooks in Education post . This post is going to continue talking about Chromebooks, but will focus on some of the myths that people associate with Chromebooks. Myth #1: Chromebooks are useless offline Chromebooks can still functi...

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Chromebooks in Education
Education is going through big changes, new teaching and learning styles, and a bigger push for 1:1 technology. At the forefront of the technology is Apple and Google. The Apple iPad did introduce a new world to education, and an iPad can be a very useful t...

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New math vs. Old math; how about a common sense approach?
Recently there has been a big debate over whether or not we should move away from the New Math, and back into the Old math. While I will agree that the results of PISA are disappointing, it is not enough to completely change the path we are on. New Math is ...

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Québec's place in Canada
Recently there has been some heated discussion about Québec. People are asking if they get special privilege, and if they are actually dividing the country. Here are just some of the headlines that people are using in the argument. WOMAN KICKED OUT OF QUEBE...
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