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Urgent! Do you live in Rhode Island or know someone who does?

Please attend the House Committee on Judiciary meeting TODAY beginning at approximately 5:00 pm to show your support of H7192, the bill to ban the bullhook and protect elephants in traveling shows that come to Rhode Island. (This meeting starts after regular House session ends). 

Location: Rhode Island State House, Room 101. If you would like to speak during public comment, please be prepared with a brief statement of no more than 2-3 minutes.

If you can’t attend, please contact your representative if he or she is on this list. 

House Committee on Judiciary members:

Rep. Edith H. Ajello, (401) 274-7078
Rep. Joseph S. Almeida, (401) 467-7033
Rep. Christopher R. Blazejewski, (401) 484-8814
Rep. Dennis M. Canario, (401) 683-4926
Rep. Doreen Marie Costa, (401) 206-6891
Rep. Robert E. Craven, Sr., (401) 294-2222
Rep. John G. Edwards, (401) 624-8879
Rep. Cale P. Keable, (401) 710-1239
Rep. Donald J. Lally, Jr., (401) 792-9090
Rep. Charlene Lima, (401) 222-2258
Rep. Peter F. Martin, (401) 924-2402
Rep. K. Joseph Shekarchi, (401) 827-0100
Rep. Donna M. Walsh, (401) 364-6433

You can see who your representative is here:
Then, please share to generate as much support as possible. 

Thanks for caring.

photo: Amy N Rob
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Religion and its food
Recently, the Japanese #whaling industry came up with one of their most ludicrous statements, in their attempt to seduce the 100,000 Muslims living in Japan, in an effort to turn them into whale meat consumers. +One Green Planet 
<p>Recently, the Japanese whaling industry came up with one of their most ludicrous statements, in their attempt to seduce the 100,000 Muslims living in Japan, in an effort to turn them into whale meat consumers.</p>
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It is such a joke! Mecca was a Pagan Temple before Mohammed tore down the 300 statues around it. It had nothing to do with the Abrahamic God. Just another reason the followers of Muhammad are stupid!
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Last week's episode of +COSMOSonTV, entitled "A Light in The Darkness," portrayed the topics of illumination and optics through the stories of famed scientists. COSMOS, which has been critically acclaimed during its first five episodes, makes it clear that the openness of scientific knowledge is vital towards the advancement of our collective understanding of nature.

Neil deGrasse Tyson narrated the story of Joseph Fraunhofer (1787–1826), an abused orphan-turned-scientist whose discoveries are ultimately responsible for the basis of astrophysics -- Tyson’s occupation. Fraunhofer, a German optician, is credited for the discovery of the dark absorption lines found in light spectrums.

If you have yet to hear Fraunhofer's story, it can be viewed on Hulu.

Watch COSMOS: "A Light in The Darkness" here:

#NASA   #Penny4NASA   #COSMOS   #NeildeGrasseTyson   #Fraunhofer   #STEM  
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Brandy Needs A Forever Home

Pit Bull Terrier • Adult • Female • Large
Brown County Humane Society Nashville, IN

Brandy sure knows how to charm new people. The first thing she does when she meets someone new is to get real, close, sit on their feet and lean against their leg while looking demurely into their eyes. Her little ears go way back and her eyes get all squinty! This super sweet girl walks nicely on a leash, enjoys chasing a ball, although she doesn't always bring it back and loves to be near people. A moderate amount of exercise and lots of cuddle time will keep this girl very happy.

Photographs are available at .        

Sharing for #FidoFriday curated by  +Suhaib Ayaz .  
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Have her in circles
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From Vera Wang to Marchesa and more, the best of Spring 2015 Bridal so far...
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A Big Day for Little Fish. The Council gave its initial approval of a policy pathway that will protect forage species belonging to 17 different taxonomic families, including round and thread herrings, mesopelagic fishes, Pacific sand lance, Pacific saury, silversides, osmerid smelts, and pelagic squids. #ocean +Oceana 
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Oh my god, Oklahoma wants to "secdee" from the union if Cosmos is not cancelled...

You know, at this point, I think it'd be a great idea for any state that wants to "Secdee" to go ahead and do so.
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Moving the furniture to get the full effect of the anesthesia
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My husband originally went to Moda Italia for shirts for an upcoming business trip. He found shirts he liked but they needed to be altered. When he returned for the altered shirts, he received two shirts that were in stock (with no alterations). Now, the other two shirts were put on order and he left for his trip without the shirts in the colors that he wanted. After three trips to the store, numerous phone calls (most not returned) and almost a month of waiting for these shirts, he did receive the missing two shirts.. We had lost hope of actually receiving the shirts. (I visited the store mid-week when it was less busy to try to get their attention, and gave them our home address to please send the shirts to our home. Weekends are hectic in the store.) When the last two shirts arrived in the mail, one of the shirts was a duplicate color so he still was missing one of the colors he really wanted. The shirts probably would have been in stock at a regular department store. My husband had paid for alterations to the original shirts but again was glad to have received any shirts in his size. (Sidenote: On one of the return trips, he was pressured into buying ties and pocket silks, which he really didn't need or want.) The disorganization, the up-selling, and pure craziness frustrated both of us that you could not in good conscience refer anyone to the store; Hence the two stars (and I am rounding up, more like 1 1/2 stars)
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