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A modest proposal for fighting SOPA:

Disclaimer: I don't think that calling, writing our representatives will be enough to kill SOPA. Yes I've called my representative to voice my opposition, but I don't think it will work. I think we lack the votes and more importantly the money to convince out representatives that they should forgo the contributions of SOPA supporters during an election year. I do think we can win this, by utilizing our access and control of technology.

What if in addition to calling our representatives to voice our opposition to SOPA we also petitioned the internet giants like Google, Facebook, Twitter to amend their TOS (terms of service) to deny service to any individual and their agents that vote to support SOPA? Certainly if G+ can ban users for not using their real names, and FB can prevent people from using breastfeeding pictures as their profile pictures, they could ban people that vote for SOPA. I think that banning individuals who vote for SOPA would have a much bigger effect than our collective phone calls and letters. Imaging if you are running for election and you know that if you vote for SOPA you won't be able to use FB, G+, YouTube, Twitter to share your campaign message. Imagine also if by voting for SOPA you risked having your campaign site demoted in Google search results. Our representatives accept campaign donations because they need the money to get re-elected, but they also need the very internet they are destroying. We need to make them understand why censoring the internet is bad, and we can do this by censoring them.

If you agree then please re-share and spread the word.

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