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National Drive Electric Week in Northern Virginia
Contact Jeffrey C. Jacobs Telephone 703-209-2976 Cell 703-209-2976 Email Website FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE September 7, 2016 NATIONAL DRIVE ELECTRIC WEEK IN NORTHERN VIRGINIA Events on Saturday, 10 September in Ashl...

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Just when you finally learned how to play the 7 gesture game!

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Fascinating Tale a week long Chevy Volt Test Drive
My friend, Gina Coplon-Newfield, Sierra Club ’s Senior Campaign Representative for Electric Vehicles, recently test drove Chevy's new Volt for a week.  It's a great two-part story which gives you the feel for what it's like to own an electric car in Massach...

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For Rob

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Google, if you're gonna create a "story" for my 2015 New York City trip, can you just not be stupid and realize it started on Thursday, 28 May and not Friday, 29 May and totally leave out my photos at the Lincoln Center??  Stupid Google!
New York City 2015
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302 Miles and a lot of luck
On 3 February, 2015, I had only two things I wished to accomplish: Attend Clean Energy Lobby Day 2015 in Richmond , Virginia and visit with some friends in Elkridge, Maryland.  On any given day, Elkridge would be tricky but doable and Richmond would be a tr...

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Hybrid Drivers and their Holier than Thou FUD
It's funny how a coddled, privileged and very vocal Hybrid Car driver minority will do anything to make sure they keep every perk they've maintained for the past 20 years even to the exclusion of newer, greener technology like pure Battery Electric and Plug...

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Domestic Energy Empowerment and Deregulation Act
One if the most frustrating aspects of electric car ownership is when the second tier of charging priority 1 , charing ones electric car at work, be prevented due to outdated regulations, one can be left with being forced into the uncomfortable third tier, ...

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Mr. TimeHorse's Wild Ride and how he tried to save the Virginia Environment
On Tuesday, 3 February, 2015, members of the Virginia Advanced Energies Industries Coalition (VAEIC) will be gathering in Richmond, Virginia for Clean Energy Lobby Day (CELD) 2015.  The event is in co-operation with Virginia Clean Cities and the Maryland, D...

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Elon Musk as a Simpsons character?
Coming this Sunday to a small screen near you!&nbsp Elon Musk is going to be on an episode of The Simpsons as announced by Simpson's Producer Al Jean .  Will Mr. Musk survive the wrath of C. Montgomery Burns ?  Tune in Sunday, 25 January 2015 to find out! A...
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