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Greg Betz
Jack of All Trades, Master of Nothing
Jack of All Trades, Master of Nothing

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Mounted all of my electronics to a tray so its one plug and done.
Rigidbot Modifications
Rigidbot Modifications

Just tried to start my next print and I couldnt get the printer to connect to my computer. Tried a second computer and still same issue. Seems it is an issue with the plug off my power supply. Took a volt meter to the pins and got nothing. Took the power supply apart and I still had power in there. Next I check the cotinuity of the wires. Ground where good but Positives where not. Anyone else have this issue? I was not a fan of that plug to begin with.

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About a 15 hour print using an octopi setup for the control computer.
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Has anyone added physical buttons to pause a print or move the extruder? If no one has is there an easy way to? The hardware I know how to do. The software side is my question

After trying to print a few parts I seem to be having issues with the extruder. The stepper motor is getting hot which I do expect to get warm but the gear sounds like it is slipping. Also after it finishing extruding there seems like there is some back pressure so some material keeps coming out. Do I need to drill out the extruder tip or am I missing something else. Thanks for the help
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