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Massage By Rezakkah

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How to get the most from your massage:

Arrive a few minutes early, so that you aren’t rushed, and have time to use the restroom.

Try not to eat just before your massage. If you are hungry, take a small snack like fruit or yogurt.

Allow yourself to breath slowly and fully; this enables you to deeply relax.

Communication is the key to a great massage:

a. Provide an accurate health history.
b. Let me know your expectations for your massage
c. Tell me about any allergies to oils, lotions, scents.
d. Let me know your preferences for music, or silence.
e. During the massage, report any discomfort, whether from the massage, the environment, such as the temperature, lighting, or music volume.
f. If anything happens that you dislike or which feels uncomfortable, ask me to stop.
g. Don’t be afraid to discuss any concerns. It’s important that you feel as comfortable as possible during your massage.

Don’t get up too quickly. Allow some quiet time for integration and gentle transition.

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Swedish Massage

Swedish Massage is a gentle type of massage that combines several techniques designed primarily to relax the body. It is characterized by long strokes, kneading, friction and tapping techniques which enhance vascular circulation and facilitate the release of toxins. It enhances awareness and a feeling of connectedness. With the application of oil or lotion, it is very soothing and pleasurable. It greatly reduces physical and emotional stress, and is often recommended as part of a regular stress reduction program.

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Reiki Healing, also known as palm healing, is a Japanese healing technique which focuses on balancing the energy in a body. The theory behind the practice is quite complex, as it focuses not only on the health of the body but equally the mind and spirit as well.

Call today to learn more and book an appointment!

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“My goal is to enhance the physical and emotional well-being of my clients so that they may lead happy, productive lives. Massage enables people to relax and feel at peace in mind and body. Relaxed and at peace, people are more in tune with themselves and can tap into their bodies’ natural ability to heal.”

Call today!

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Psychological Benefits of Massage

~Decrease anxiety: Anxiety is a physiological issue but the body often house anxiety in its muscle structure. By clearing the pathways and realigning the muscles your mind is told by your body that the physical cues which indicate anxiety have been removed. This cuts the vicious cycle of anxiety creating physical manifestations and those manifestations feeding back into the feeling of anxiety.
~Enhance the quality of your sleep: Many therapies promote relaxation which has a lasting effect on the client. Removing the deeply imbedded stresses in your body allows for a more pleasant sleep as the tensions associated with daily life appear more manageable.
~Leave you with more energy: Many of our therapies attempt to tune into and manipulate the energy flow of the body. By opening blockages and promoting over all well-being we enhance the body’s natural production of energy.
~Reduce fatigue: The muscles in your body hold fatigue in your body for a multitude of reasons. By massaging the muscles the body is told to reboot the proper function of those problematic areas. Also as many of our therapies involve a holistic approach to healing the body and its energies, fatigue is reduced as because the whole body is activated to produce energy.
~Improve concentration: A relaxed body is essential for a relaxed mind. By removing stress from the fascia and improving circulation the body is able to focus on the task at hand instead of being preoccupied with its internal and unconscious issues.
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