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What would happen if Canada used instant runoff voting for its electoral system? I wrote a simple little simulation to find out!

You can check out the article which talks about how I turned first-past-the-post into instant runoff (i.e. single choice into ranked ballots) and the results I got out of it.

You can also follow the links in the article to run the simulation in your own web browser, or (if you're a programmer-type) see the source code on GitHub.

#cdnpoli   #elxn42   #github  

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Witches!… or "Ale Wives"? The stereotypical depiction of a witch is actually based on medieval ale brewers!

Turning them into something evil was probably a way of putting female competitors out of business. And you thought Apple vs. Samsung was bad!

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I just posted an article on the basics and misconceptions proportional representation.

It's admittedly a little dry! But I think it is useful for anyone who's kind of new to the subject and is interested in what the new government might put forth in terms of electoral reform.

The disclaimer here is that I'm a big fan of proportional representation.

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Pretty entertaining defence of the notion that England has defeated every country in the world.

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Coming soon...

1. Open cupboard
2. Note that Cheerios are getting low
3. Push Cheerios button inside cupboard
4. Drone airlifts a couple boxes to you within the hour

The button, itself, seems like a bit of a gimmick. But still, holy shit.

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It appears that JavaScript will be turning into quite a language over the next couple of years.

This video introduces features which might make it into ES7. Most of it is awesome, but the last example is incredibly difficult to understand. Possibly to the point that taking a more imperative approach might actually be better. We'll see…

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Though this was obviously possible as soon as 3D printing became a reality, there's something special about having essentially sent a physical object electronically… to space.

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Though I don't usually care what party leaders have to say about major events, I actually read Trudeau's statement. It's pretty impressive.

Among others, he elegantly gives the message that it isn't okay to vilify Islam over terrorist acts.

A membrane that almost completely absorbs sound in a narrow range of frequency and converts it to electricity. It could be used to make machines/devices both quieter and more energy efficient!

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Ontario is looking into restricting the use of neonicotinoids, the systemic pesticides which are being found to cause the disappearance of swaths of honeybees.

I sincerely hope they ban it outright as has been done in Europe.
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