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Phil Peterson
Laid back, love family day's, enjoy car's & car audio. Also enjoy working with computers and related electronic devices, just enjoy life!
Laid back, love family day's, enjoy car's & car audio. Also enjoy working with computers and related electronic devices, just enjoy life!

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I recently saw the post with all the USA force's in 5 different form's, I was wondering if someone was able to make even just a simple Canadian watchface. I to use for a few day's to honor our lost soldier's on D day, as well to honor all those that have or will fight for our freedom.
I thought just a white background with red leaf in centre would look awesome, like I affix nothing fancy I just don't know how to do tiff even a little bit! :)
If you can help that'd be awesome, if not I understand its short notice etc.

I was just wondering if I can remove the weather cloud I assume it is looks like a cloud anyways, every watchface I use I always get the cloud at the top right at number 12 is their a way too remove that at all it'd make the faces muggy nicer and be less annoying to me! :)

I just got a new phone recently and can't recall how to turn off the option that only allows your watch to come when you touch the screen, it's constantly coming on atm everytime I move my hand and is annoying as well as killing my battery like crazy. I recalled how to turn off the past where it highlights the action buttons on your watch screen but can't for some reason find where I switched the part that made it so my watch only came on when I touched the screen. I think with trying to get all my file's, apps etc all sorted out on my note 4 fried my melon now I can't figure this out not too mention how I can get my watchfaces all back to where I can just choose which I want and it come on the watch as mine are all saved on my SD card in different formats I think I guess I just have to do the trial & error figuring that part out which sucks as I have hundreds on my SD card. :( Any info regarding the part to turn off my watch do it only light's up when I touch it instead of everytime I move my hand would be greatly appreciated and hopefully I can find it this time because on my s4 I figured it out in a second and new phone's doesn't change the app used in any way so don't know what's going on. Thanks Phil 

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This was my first ever watch I just made for my moto 360 to countdown day's until Christmas, just starting simple until I can really get a grasp on all the cool things I can do when creating a watchface such as add weather, heartbeat, date etc this is simple but to the point the time and day's till the big day.

Check it out on Google Play!!

#Android #AndroidWear #WatchMaker #WatchFace

Post has attachment**NOT+A+STAND+ALONE+APP**+WatchFace+Shift+Hybrid+was+made+using+WatchMaker+Premium+v+3.3.0+or+Higher+and+needs+the+WatchMaker+App+to+add+watchface+to+wear+device+and+you+will+also+need+the+companion+application+Android+wear.+Choose+your+watch+on+the+WatchMaker+application+and+the+face+will+adapt+to+your+wear+device%E2%80%99s+preferences+in+display+and+features.+see+screen+shots+select+settings+in+the+watchmaker+app+and+select+supported+watch+compatible+with+Motorola360,+LG+Watch+Urbane,+LG+G+Watch,+LG+G+Watch+R,+Guess+Connect,+Huawei+Watch,+Sony+SmartWatch+3%0ATechnical+Details%0A%0A%0A%0A%0ASize:+375.5KB%0A%0A%0AVersion:+1.0%0A%0A%0ADeveloped+By:+Themes+Android%0A%0A%0AMinimum+Operating+System:+Compatible+with+Android+SDK+level+19%0A%0A%0AApproximate+Download+Time:+Less+than+10+seconds%0A%0A%0A%0A&$0.00+USD%3C%252Fspan%3E&site_name=ThemesAndroid+Wear+WatchFaces&source=shopify&title=WatchFace+Shift-Hybrid+round+face+android+wear+wmwatch&

I just had a question regarding some watch faces the one's that have different colours to choose from our watch design etc, they have the little faded white squares on the face to allow user to select colour or start and stop timer etc.
Is their anyway to make them go away after you make your settings, or are they a permanent fixture on the faces?
I'm really new to the whole watch designs etc haven't had my watch long so still learning everything, I enjoy learning all the great things you can create and do with your smart watch I only wish I'd gotten one sooner. Thanks for any info regarding the faded white squares on some faces?:)
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