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Jean Norton
Jean Norton, Real Estate Investor and Story Teller -
Jean Norton, Real Estate Investor and Story Teller -

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Let's clear up the fog when it comes to buying real estate via Online Auctions.

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Online Auction Basic questions answered

I get most of my deals via online auctions. After months (years) of people asking, I'm holding a conference call Wednesday, (tomorrow) at 2PM Eastern Time. If you have any interest, please join the call with your questions.

Here are some of the common questions I get:

Do I have to pay immediately?
What about Title Insurance?
It says Cash only, will they accept hard money?
How long do I have to close?
Can I choose my own closing company?
What if I change my mind?
Why do I have to put up a deposit?
Are the banks bidding on their own properties?
Do the Sellers have reserves?
What if the seller rejects my high bid?
How long to receive my EMD back if they reject my bid?
Why would I want to buy properties via Auction dot com?
And more....Bring your own questions.

Please register at and join me tomorrow (Wednesday) at 2PM.

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About to get on a call regarding accessing entertainment on the internet - please join me!

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Armando Montelongo RICO case re-filed in Texas: “Acting through his many corporate shells, Montelongo sells worthless, dangerous, and unlawful advice about real estate investing; takes advantage of the students’ trust to loot their accounts; sells them properties at inflated prices without disclosing his stake in them; encourages them to pursue their real estate investments using his allies, who also victimize the students; and harasses those who dare to speak out against him.”

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Sure an event is coming up, but let's talk about this some.

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Ladies - masterminding has never been so easy...

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First, there are the failing floating balconies, then the HOA that can't possibly consider cheaper alternatives.

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Check the entire description on VRBO, AirBNB or, or Zillow.

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