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How to restore nuget packages with Package Manager Console
Make sure your project has all the packages it needs in packages.config
open the Package Manager Console

run this command: Update-Package -Reinstall

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How to upload a file with progress indicator using WEB API
I really wanted to put a very simple example on how you can upload a file using Web API and get a progress indicator on the client. The client code here is using a console application, but I tested the code with portable libraries and it should work just fi...

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C# Indexer not using the propertyItem
C# will use the property item when using indexers, but if you already have a property with that name you will have problem. To solve it use the attribute on your indexer with another name [IndexerName("MyItem")]

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Specflow - how to create steps in another assembly
For some reason having steps in another assembly doesn't always work. When I tried this I found out there is a bug with specflow, that if you don't put your step class in the root of the assembly, it might not bind it correctly. So, place your step class di...

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Testing internal classes with C# and MSTest
put an attribute in the assemblyinfo.cs file in the project under test, pointing to the test assembly

Project under test will have [assembly: InternalsVisibleTo("MyTest")]

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How to make Alerts fade in and fade out with Bootstrap 3.0
I wanted to make the alerts work a little nicer by using fade in and fade out. I know there are classes in the CSS to handle the fade in, but they don't work in all browsers. So I wanted to implement some Javascript to make it work Create a div for your ale...

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Membership and roles as a WCF service
In case you want to have your membership and roles exposed as a service Click here for more information

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How to create a web thumbnail
I found a lot of tools that do this but I think the one I am going to really give a try is this one And I am going to try to add a link to CNN here:

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How to make technical demos better
If you are showing code, a power point and then switching to a view of the application it can be challenging so here are some tips to improve your technical demo I don’t want to see your dog You should not show your family or dog in your background, it is b...
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