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Saboinia's Secret
psychic, tarot reader, careing, straight forward, "the rock chick"
psychic, tarot reader, careing, straight forward, "the rock chick"

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Ace of cups
Card speaks of:// true love of the unverse surrounds you
Card whispers of:// good things coming
Root of ,the powers of water, the powers of love, and the gifts of creativity and being able to profit off of that creativity bounty, my cup overflowed, joy abundance, perfection, fertility, fulfillment, good things overflowing fullness, favorable outlook, faithfulness a new way of feeling beginning of emotion intuition inspiration, fidelity, conception, or a birth, love, a new love affair, or a milestone such as an engagement or marriage , the successful conclusion to any question being asked about, though it favors those things ruled by Venus love marriage, perfumery, sex art and theater
The heart and element of water and love, the holy grail receving the impress of divine inspariation, fertility productiveness. Bauty, longing for union affection, merging devition touvhing the secret life, receptivity devotion and harmony, vaguemess irrationality, haysterian , the mystery of love mysticallyh becoming one, experience of grace belief transformation enlighenement and completion´╗┐
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