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We know Klout has some suckiness, so what should it be doing differently?  My vision is below. I call it the Dashboard of Me.

I had a great discsuion with +James Barraford +Randy Resnick +Gregory Esau +Jeffrey Raskin +Ellen Molenaar and more about a week and a half ago:

While there is a lot ot complain about, I think the opportunities for understanding and quantizing digital reputation are enormous. Here is where I beleive that +Klout, or someone like them, needs to go:

I think the real value of Klout is an an API, as a layer that will be used to filter the firehoses of data that Social and the Internet of Things will bring us.

The layer and those scores have to be much more granular and topic-based, so the +K system has to evolve quickly -- it cannot stay a crowdsourced game but rather must be generated based on document and transaction analysis (what I refer to as contributiveness).

I also see an opportunity to merge in skill tagging and certification (for job hunting) and even transaction experience (like eBay ratings), such that people that look at me via such an API can instantly evaluate proxies for reputation, influence, interest and skill.  Think of it as a 'dashboard of me'.

The world is changing fast. To own or broker such data is to be in a very key position.

I would have to think more about how to get Klout from here to there. Part of the issue of course is that there are are no existing consumers of such an API, though that should evolve fast.

What do you think?

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