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Those publicity seeking regents ought to rethink the forum in which they chose to issue their personal views at the expense of the football team.


A little SEO help? Looking for a tool...

I am looking for a way to check how a meta description will look in a google SERP by entering just the web page URL to see what will be pulled from the actual page code. I have some pages that the Google SERP pulls the Theme’s Site Identity line and some that pull the custom descriptions from the SEO plug in and I need to see what effect the changes I make have on the actual SERP.

Any ideas?

+Eli Fennell +Mark Traphagen +AJ Kohn +John Mueller

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Opioids kill. Yeah, they are great pain relievers, but oh so aeductive and dangerous.

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Cool writing aid. A thesaurus of colors.

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Apparently women are not inferior coders. Yet more evidence we don't know how to hire talent effectively in 2016.

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The truth is a harsh mistress.

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The world is speeding up. Brutal humor, but how far from the truth? Automated job posting, skill matching, more..

Via +Robyn Miller​
Internet speed...

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Ceramic Pills: new way to prevent drug traffickers from extracting chemicals from compounds.

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Just using a computer isn't enough to save your job for long.
The massive decline of PC's isn't just about awesome mobile gadgets. It's about society's shift from creation to consumption. And a mass extinction of unnecessary computer work, which in less than 20 years will be all of it.
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Chat Bots as new commerce UX. And huge opportunity to own the next platform. 
Facebook, Chat Bots and "Conversational Commerce"

Text-based chat bots will likely be the bridge to the Star Trek conversational computer - and commerce will be one of the biggest drivers. 

That's why it's really important to understand what Facebook is doing with "M" and this new software development kit aimed at allowing third-party developers to build their own chat bots. One of the main drivers will be helping companies to build conversational front-ends for cost-effectively engaging with customers. 

Walk into a Starbucks and you're immediately greeted with a chat bot that asks you if you want your regular today. Walk into Target and request assistance with finding the right new TV and the chat bot will get you part of the way there and hand you off to an employee at the right time. 

With M and its other investments in Messenger, Facebook is making some bold moves that don't really look like bold moves until you understand where they're going with all this. 

On the web, keyword search was the core of the experience. But on mobile, it’s become clear that chat is where people spend most of their time. That makes winning the messaging war both a requirement and an opportunity for Facebook.

To stay dominant on phones, it must make Messenger irresistibly useful, and the best way to do that is to augment its own product with bots from developers that offer convenience and utility for every niche use case. If Facebook controls messaging, it controls the portal to commerce and content as well as communication.

P.S. I grabbed the term "conversational commerce" from the folks at +Dan Miller and the folks at Opus Research:

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