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Bill Johnson
Author of A Story is a Promise and the Spirit of Storytelling
Author of A Story is a Promise and the Spirit of Storytelling
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Nancy Hill's Twelve Days of Fruitcake Free on Amazon Kindle
A delightful Christmas story that begins when an old woman gives a special fruitcake to her friend. The friend, in turn, gives it to someone else. For twelve days the fruitcake exchanges hands, improving the life of everyone who receives it. Charming, heart...

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Soapstone Literary Announcements
Soapstone: Celebrating Women Writers 
 Small Grants to an Individual Woman or an Ad Hoc Group of Women These funds are to support events and study groups celebrating the work of women writers. The application process is simple and the time between applying ...

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“Point of View” with Liz Prato
Writers often put more thought into the title of their story than choosing their point of view. But Liz Prato, author of Baby’s on Fire, knows that POV controls the intimacy, breadth and depth of our stories. On December 6th, Liz Prato will join Willamette ...

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Hello Dear Everyone!

What have I been up to, you might ask... well, I though I'd catch you up.

I've been most energetically working on The Darling Undesirables series. I've just finished the 4th in the series, Heart's Quest.

Whew! A lot of hard work, and a lot of fun work, following my protagonist, Heart, through her worlds of adventure, in a future where the source of power is Dark Energy, and where Heart's closest friends are a clockworks winged horse and a sweet, funny, clockworks man.

But rest assured that there are plenty of humans stirring things up!

I hope you'll visit Heart's world. Heart's Quest is on sale through its launch for $2.99. And, to celebrate the launch of Heart's Quest, The Darling Undesirables is on sale for $.99! (Both regularly $4.99).

Dear Reader, I'm a writer and I write to keep House of Tree and my bit of forest intact. I do all of the work of publication myself, and I count on my followers to support my efforts to keep my forest and love in the world ever-growing, ever-safe.

So, please support me and House of Tree!

Learn more about Heart's Quest by clicking on the book's cover. Also take a peek at:

Heart and I look forward to hearing from you!

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Willamette Writers Authors at Orycon38
Three Willamette Writers members will be featured on panels at Orycon38, a regional science fiction and fantasy convention November 18-20th at the Portland Marriott hotel. Karen L Azinger is the author of the medieval epic fantasy The Silk & Steel Saga. For...

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Check out the cat drawn by Lisa Parsons for a holiday card for a Jungian therapist. See more at her Etsy site, 
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