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The best is yet to come !!
The best is yet to come !!

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Thanks to this community I found good recommendations for board games meant for just 2 players few months back.
Since then , I have now almost 20-25 odd games in my collection - including all good just 2 players one and many multiplayers ones
I am up with my new request, please recommend games that are designed for more players but play good with just 2 also.
I have castles of burgandy which i love and Splendor, which plays just well though i enjoy more with 3-4.

I was thinking of kingdom builder but read a lot reviews which kind of describe it less strategic and more auto pilot.

By the way, i like short games as much as long ones. Definately the ones where more options and mind planning needed.


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This goes to all the lovers of board games who can't wait to play when the game is in hand..
I have this bad habit of start playing without going through all rulebooks.. at times i think i am good to start after watching reviews and game plays...

This happened over past Sunday, when i got my hands on 2 player basics "Patchwork"

The first game I and my wife played, we took button only when we moved on time track... hence ended in big negatives

Soon, realized the mistake.. we never had money i.e. Buttons basically to buy because most of them remained offboard ...
second game we took button income equal to all buttons on quilt every time we added a patch with at least a button on it.
Result, we ended in postive score...
It looked we found catch in rulebook and got it corrected but inside me i was thinking i was still wrong

Went through Rahdo's walkthrough again and realized that button income only comes when u cross a button symbol on time track.
The result was wife won with slight margin with she being positive 9 and I negative 1.

I think i have find it correct now,
But help me if I am still playing it wrong.

PS - share ur experiance , if you also found patchwork rulebook a little unexplained.

My wife's wins on most games that she learns on first go... ( too much decisive in each action , i play more fun... i.e. Dumb)

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A Stranger showing affection is not always a "Stranger".

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Terraforming Mars, 2 player.
It was my first game and was telling wife what to do and what not...
went for 4+ hours. I like long games but this was too much.
In the end, lost by 91-73.
Two good things-
Even after losing, i enjoyed engine building fun and what all projects i was able to do
The unique card deck gives so much options and along with drafting it was so fun to deal with them all.
We were playing with Invertrix and Phobolog.


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Finally arrived, Akrotiri..french version.
First game with wife, sneaked win by 4 went over 1.5 hrs

can someone recommend some good two player board and/or card games. I usually play Forbidden Desert, 7 Wonders Duel, Splendor or Carcassonne with wife and they are mostly good. I am huge fan for Twilight Struggle but struggling to get the second player to get that many hours required.
A good quickie game under an hour or 45 min could be my next stop.
Thanks all. 

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