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Need motivation? Hired a certified trainer!
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The only time you're allowed to get low in life is during your sqaut.
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12-minute "ab-targeted" cardio [TOUGH!]

Boom goes the ab-targeted cardio dynamite. You're
in for a treat.
The sequence below is a legitimate, science-based exercise
method that will help you melt that stubborn lower belly fat
in 12 short minutes.
Crush this fun one today. Now it's not your "normal" interval
training. This is what Shaun Hadsall calls "Metabolic
... which is even BETTER than intervals.
And it gets better - this type of sequence can:
- Bust a weight loss plateau
- Improve your heart health
- Help release fatty cells from stubborn areas
You choose your favorite "cardio" exercise or bodyweight move
and follow this sequence:
Warm-up (5 minutes)
Ab-Targeted Metabolic Bursting (20-30 secs) - treadmill, jumping
jacks, etc.
Recovery - 30-90 seconds
Repeat this 4-8 times
Cool-down (5 mins)
So, here is what you can do:..
Jumping Jacks (20 secs)
T Pushups (20 secs)
Bodyweight Squats (20 secs)
Rest 20 secs and repeat ONE more time
Ab-Targeted Cardio (12 minutes)
Do the following circuit 4 times, (the pushup plank is an "easier"
recovery move than the standard plank. Just hold the top of the
pushup position and brace your abs HARD).
DB Squat and Press (use a lighter weight than usual and do
a fast tempo, but under control) (30 secs)
Pushup Plank (60 secs)
KB Swings (30 secs)
Pushup Plank (60 secs)
Stretch any tight muscles
This releases hormones that break apart stubborn body fat.
It's also why this is even better than traditional interval
training or even "old-school" cardio on the treadmill.
But that's just the top of the iceberg.
This approach has a ton of other benefits such as:
1) They lower your insulin (the way your body reacts to
carbs) and release growth hormone (which aids in burning
2) These "bursts" increase your metabolism for 38 to 48 
hours after doing just ONE 12-minute session.
3) They can be done in as little as 4 minutes! (perfect if
you're too busy to do a traditional exercise program)
4) It increases blood flow in your hard-to-get-rid-of stubborn
areas like lower belly fat and cellulite.
Boom. That's being efficient.
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