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Live ur dreams
Moments of decision , dare to dream, as dream come true.
Moments of decision , dare to dream, as dream come true.


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Enhance family health
• Earn income from home
• Replace a career or job
• Get out of debt
• Stay home with your family
• Regain time freedom
• Save for retirement
• Save for a child's education
• Set your own hours
• Become financially free!
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Silver Dip – Instant Silver Cleaner
Sparkling clean Silver without silver loss.
Instantly cleans old and tarnished silver 
articles giving them a brand new look! 
Convenient and easy to use.
Features & Benefits
Instant silver cleaner
Cleans tarnished silver, silver plated articles and white metals instantly giving an excellent shine.
Dip and clean formula with dip tray is very convenient and easy to use
No Silver loss
Scrubbing or brushing not required
Safe & re-usable- The product is reusable as it cleans a large number of articles
Floral fragrance
Safe for use on all Silver jewellery, silver plated articles and white metals.  For cleaning silver jewellery, show pieces, silver coins etc.
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MODICARE  Finally with   Innovative Plan of Independence , Products  & Success stories  of people  from  all walks of Life.

Company started in  march 1996.

Total turnover of Modi Grp. Of Companies is 55000 cr.

Dreams of all Professionals , Job Workers , Housewifes , Students , Retired Persons, Doctors , Engineers & For Every Person  can easily achieved Now.

Achieving Success with Plan of Independence is very easy .

Earning Potential for Each & Every Person .

First Indian company Member of  IDSA .

Offers World class products across  9 Categories 

Company  has won many Awards & Rewards for there brands.

Contributes  1% of there sales to Foundation .

Miracles  of Dreams & Innovations Call  and Reach  Everyone.

High Quality & Affordable prices of Products

Complete Portfolio of Every Household.

Environment Freindly Products available in Nine  Categories.

Daily use products for everyone, backed with everyone.

Thats  all with our own “ MODICARE” 

Once visit the website

In the moments  of decision , dare to dream, as dream come true.

 Oppurtunity  for which you r really waiting , contact immediately  for the good position , support  & experience the growth &  Quality  of products . Join us & create future.

Take the decision immediately & join us by clicking the  headline below & get ur position .

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especially if you're seeking a purpose-driven career with a "Game-Changing" company.
He'll help you figure out:
1. Exactly what your dream job is
2. How to get it, and
3. How to get inside access to the best companies in India
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