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Free Geek Arkansas
Google+ for Free Geek Arkansas in Fayetteville, Arkansas
Google+ for Free Geek Arkansas in Fayetteville, Arkansas

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Free Geek needs your help.  We have a $2,200
budget shortfall for the year and we need to raise this money by the end of the year to stay open.

We are also accepting donations in-person or via Paypal on our website.

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We have had a light on our 3D printer before, but I don't personally know the details.  Can anyone help this guy out?
RepRappers, I'm thinking of adding one of these 12v LED lights to my nozzle area... Any thoughts on wiring? Can I add to existing power going to RAMPs? Should I run separate wires from the PSU? Should I use the fan input/output (?) and make it more controllable? #reprap  

Board meeting at the new location this evening.

Our thanks to everyone that's been helping with the move.  eSCO should be coming back for one more load and hopefully that will be the last of the stuff we don't want to move to the new location.

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Older interview, still reflects some of what we do.

FreeGeek Arkansas needs your help. Our lease is up, and we must find a new location within 30 days, we need help breaking down equipment we do not need to carry to a new location, our educator has been unemployed for two years, and is losing their home, AND we're all still recovering from the rush up to the block party (loading a truck, cleaning the shop, prepping the streetside 3d printing demo..). If there was a time to get involved, this is it, to help save the non-profit that has touched so many. Help us save Free Geek!

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New commerical.  What do you think?

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Hack-a-day is talking about us!

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Pen test on the RepRap (Mendel Prussa) being built at FGAR: Success.
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