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Brian Bennett
I'm a former science teacher that focuses on using web technology to enhance schools and instruction.
I'm a former science teacher that focuses on using web technology to enhance schools and instruction.


I'm playing around with a Google Slides script and I'd like my HTML page to open in a new tab, or even a popup window (not a modal within the slides editor). I know HtmlService can do this, but I can't figure out how to trigger the new tab in the code. Can anyone point me in the right direction?

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I have a simple AddOn for Google Docs and I've run into an issue where the menu is not building correctly. I've checked all of my authorizations and global variables and I can't see to find a direct reason for the problem.

I've posted the details in a StackOverflow post, and for the moment, the problem is resolved (as far as I can tell). Has anyone else run into this error? And, if so, were you able to find a solution?

I just updated to the new version of autoCrat and tested a spreadsheet merge. I found some errors, fixed my form and merge settings, and deleted the merged documents. I'd like to test the merge again, but the script is saying there are no eligible rows.

Is there some way to re-run a merge on spreadsheet data?

I've got a large, standard report that we just translated to a Google Form. I'm trying to get a templated Doc created, but many of my autoCrat merge fields keep revering to "Timestamp" in the merge settings. Any ideas?

Piggybacking from my question the other day, is there a way to have FormMule delay the "send on form submit" trigger? I'd like the response to be sent when the response arrives to the sheet, but the cell formulas are taking a second or two (not much) longer than it takes FormMule to check the condition of the cell to trigger the merge. Any ideas other than using the timed trigger?

I'm using FormMule to email survey results on form submits. I don't have any formulas in the form response page. A second sheet imports the range as submissions come in, aggregates responses, and then emails it out. Formulas are copied down the spreadsheet.

When a form is submitted, the analysis sheet is skipping a row in the pre-populated cells. For instance, 

=if(C10="","",round(countif('Student Submissions'!E11:N11,true)/10%,2))

will skip to =if(C10="","",round(countif('Student Submissions'!E13:N13,true)/10%,2)) instead of E12:N12, leading to rows of 0's being emailed out.

I turned off the FormMule trigger, but it's still changing the formulas when I submit. Any ideas?

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I've been doing a lot of Apps Scripting lately...mainly for little tasks that are much faster when a computer does them. Last Friday, I wrote one to quickly format lists of text for bulletin boards. The write up and script are on my blog.

Be sure to check out past posts with other code snippets for use with Docs and Spreadsheets.

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I posted the other day about using IFTTT to get text messages into Google Sheets. Here's a writeup - with lots of GIFs - on how you can analyze those responses using Google scripts and Sheets.

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I meant to post this last week and forgot.

Using IFTTT, Google Voice, and Gmail, you can get text message (SMS) responses fed into a Google Form spreadsheet. Then, you can split those responses and populate your data with SMS responses for kids who don't have smartphones. It's all about platform agnosticism, people.

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