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Filip Joelsson
Web programmer and active in local politics (Green party)
Web programmer and active in local politics (Green party)

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Spending the day listening to Amazon Web Services' sales pitch (and getting some basic education in the platform, and networking with people), at Stockholm Waterfront.

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Några bilder från vår resa till Kebnekajse!
(Första gången en sådan här automatiskt gjord berättelse blev bra nog att delas. 😀 )

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Interested in web development and testing in a controlled environment? How to deploy in a controlled fashion? Come to the Stockholm Drupal Meetup next Tuesday and listen to my presentation! Even though Drupal is my use case, most of the stuff I'll explore in the presentation is general - so don't be shy if you happen to be a Wordpress person. ;-)
#drupal #drupal8 #meetup #drupalsweden #drupalsthlm #vagrant

I hate ODBC drivers that do not support prepared statements. What's more, I hate having to find out why and what's wrong, and I hate remote connections to SQL Server over a VPN that fucks up all the time.

#unixodbc #sqlserver #php and #macosx doesn't feel like a match made in heaven today. :-/

Is there anything I like? Yes! Getting this stuff done, and getting on with life.

The irritating trait of 'merican programmers to skip the letter 'u' at the most inopportune times, like in API for a physics engine.
(It was like 15 min before I realized there was indeed no method called "behaviour" - 'cause it's apparently "behavior". :-o )
#PhysicsJS I'm looking at you!

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Web design best practises, except - not really. A good list of everything I hate about the web today. :-)

Wanna make an awful website? We have all the cheap tricks!

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Tomorrow, at the Drupal Stockholm Meetup, I'll be holding at talk on Drupal 8 and Phonegap/Cordova.

I will also release the evil twin of Instagram! >:-)
#drupal #drupal8 #phonegap #rest

Hacknight tonight! :-)

Hacknight i Spånga! :-)
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