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Let's Talk: Foundations
A question I always get asked is "What foundation are you wearing" or "What's the best foundation" but unfortunately there is no quick answer. When it comes to collecting makeup foundations are a category that has quickly become out of hand. I love buying a...

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Chanel Poudre Universelle Libra | Review
Today I decided to bring you a mini review on this Chanel Powder which I have been testing for the past few weeks. Before trying this I was using the RCMA no colour powder however the packaging soon became an annoyance and I'd been on the lookout for a new ...

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My Brow Routine
Eyebrows are something I've been trying to master for a long time as I wasn't fortunate enough to be blessed with thick and naturally full brows. I feel as the years have gone by they've gotten better and I figured today I would share with you the product's...

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Let's Talk: Current Favourite Primers
It's been awhile since I've uploaded a blog post and that's been purely because I've been extremely busy with work and college however I am back! Today i decided to share with you my current favourite primers as it has become a vital step in my makeup routi...

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Mac Lipstick Collection
 I feel as though this is one of the most typical beauty blogger posts, which I was yet to do myself. However I figured it was only right that I shared with you my Mac lipstick collection. Mac are hands down my favourite brand of lipsticks and so far I have...

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My Mac Blush Collection
I'm here today to show you my MAC blush collection! These blushers are my absolute favourites and are very well loved in my entire blusher collection.  Well Dressed.  This was my first blusher by Mac and I discovered it during its  moment on YouTube when al...

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Makeup Geek Eyeshadow Collection
Ever since Makeup Geek launched in the UK (all thanks to Beauty Bay), I have assembled quite the collection. I am a huge lover of Beauty Bay and recommend their website to everyone. I have made many orders to collect this amount of eyeshadows and in total i...

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Brand Focus | MAC Cosmetics
I began this series on my blog a while back in which I discussed my favourite products from one certain brand. My previous brand focus was on NARS and today I figured I would talk about MAC.  MAC was in fact the first high end brand that I'd ever tried and ...

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Liquid Lipsticks | My Top Picks
Like the rest of the world, I too am a liquid lipstick lover so I figured I would dedicate a blog post to my current favourites. I have a mix of drugstore and higher end lippies here but bear in mind these are very much all nudes as they are my go-to.  Colo...

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Drugstore Favourites
I think it's become pretty clear that I love my luxury makeup products however I do enjoy finding a bargain in the drugstore, so for today's post I'm going to be sharing with you my top drugstore finds. Maybelline Baby Skin Primer I've tried a fair few drug...
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