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I'm trying to track down why on occasion my Apple watch battery life doesn't last all day. Yesterday it went into power save mode at about 6pm. Earlier in the day it was at 85% at around 08.30 after charging all night and putting it on at 06.45. Usually it's in excess of 90% later than this. What I did notice was that I had not unlocked it for a few hours. So does the watch use more battery when locked and on the wrist? Is it using power to try and connect to the phone ahead of unlocking? Anyone else have this.

Any Glympse users out there? The new update works on the Apple Watch but I'm noticing significant battery drain. Anyone else have the same problem?

+Rob Walch can you provide a guide on how to submit good quality audio to your podcast? The fidelity varies widely with some calls sounding very clean and crisp whereas others are the complete opposite and very difficult to understand. Thanks in anticipation.

Can the Utomic edge bumpers be purchased in the UK? Utomic themselves don't ship directly but do advise that local distributors might have them.

I may have an issue with the headphone jack removal. On a long car drive I would need to keep the phone charging for sat nav but won't be able to listen to podcasts through the jack connected to the aux in on the car radio which doesn't have Bluetooth. Solution? Can I convert my car radio to receive Bluetooth through a USB adapter as it does have a USB slot?

Has anyone had a banner notification on their iphone requesting an Apple ID verification? I'll try and remember a screenshot next time. It shows my email address and 2 options of Not Now and Settings. Neither of which prevent me from continuing to use the phone. The Settings option request the password. Is this a scam?

I presume we will be losing the ability to quickly access our contacts on the watch by pressing the "dock" button? The dock button in Watch OS3 will access open apps which is a better use of the button in my opinion. I've tended to use the phone rather than the watch to send texts or make calls, I use the watch to receive texts/calls. An improvement for me.

Will we lose the ability to share heart beats and doodles with other watch users? Not a great loss for me.

My Watch battery lasted only about 5 hours today from a full charge. When this happened before I had an activity app runner that I forgot to stop. Is there a way to check what apps are active on the watch or investigate what apps have been running? I never even got the low power mode warning, hmmm now I'm worried that it's more serious.

Anyone notice that the nightmode overrides the auto night settings for Waze app? Mine didn't automatically switch too the dark background when it got dark.

Ok, I'm at Geneva airport. The 90 minutes free wifi on my iphone has expired yet I can still receive notifications on my watch. Such as the BBC sport app is telling me the cricket scores. How is that working? 
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