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The Tobacco-Stained Sky
An anthology of post-apocalyptic noir stories, sci-fi and comic book art—Aug. 30, 2013.
An anthology of post-apocalyptic noir stories, sci-fi and comic book art—Aug. 30, 2013.

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Wunderbar review of 'Tobacco-Stained Mountain Goat' #1 (from +Project-Nerd Publishing in the U.S.) thanks to Zeb @ +Flickering Myth:

"Melbourne is its own character in these stories: a once-charming and eccentric hipster city now turned into a hellhole that’s part Asphalt Jungle and part Midgar from Final Fantasy VII. The film-noir vibe in Bergen’s work should jump out at you pretty clearly, with a misanthropic narrator, crime-ridden city, and dark, rainy atmosphere. It’s a perfect kind of place to find a mystery." Rating: 8.5/10.

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'Tobacco-Stained Mountain Goat' #1 (comic, Project-Nerd Publishing, 2016) +Project-Nerd  

Order here:

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Out later this year from co-editor +Andrez Bergen.
'SMALL CHANGE', feat. characters Roy Scherer & Suzie Miller (from the IF? Commix series +Tales to Admonish, along with anthologies PULP INK 2, WEIRD NOIR and HORROR FACTORY), will be published via Roundfire Books in the UK later in 2015.
Think a mix of horror, comedy, noir, pathos, and the vaguely surreal.
Cover painting by +Alec Goss (—inspired by Tom Waits.
Design by Nick Welch.
Keep track of things here:

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COMING SOON, set in the same world as the TOBACCO-STAINED SKY.

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Brilliant review of our co-editor/writer's new graphic novel, via +Flickering Myth 

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88% there, just over $500 from becoming reality, and ends in 4 days!
Big thanks to everyone who has supported, contributed to, and passed on news about the +Bullet Gal +Kickstarter  project, esp. since it's a tad leftfield.
Cheers to Under Belly Comics, IF? Commix, Galo Gutierrez & Matt Kyme.
Currently tweaking the inner pages, but otherwise all ready to run...

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18 days to go, and 55% funded: +Bullet Gal the 300-page, 12-issue collection thanks to Under Belly Comics and IF? Commix, via +Kickstarter.
Cheers to all the absolutely incredible people who've supported this project thus far, but — of course — the more, the merrier if you're keen...

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Interview with co-editor & contributor +Andrez Bergen.
Just got interviewed @ Dark Media, thanks to Laurance Friend. Ta, matey!

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This noir/pulp +Kickstarter kicks from today, thanks to Under Belly Comics in Canada — along with Niagara Detroit for the amazing cover painting.
Plus check out the incredibly mad video clip.
The trade paperback is shaping up more likely to be 300+ pages, rather than the 280 mentioned here... ;)
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