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Empty jar....
Like a broken empty jar This heart is lost in a battle That wasn’t known to world  But hum could be felt
from a far. The doubts are rising In the ghosts of my past  Numb or barren  This broken soul’s at
par Drowning in a sea of sorrow Lost my way to home Th...

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Colour Me Happy
Neither red or blue, nor a shade of
hue Colour me happy with shades very
true No lies no deceit, or tales climbing
high Enough to live and love & some
friends passing by While looking back in life, take
this note my dear Its impurity of matters that I alway...

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Red Orange Leaves.
Crackling on the way  These winds never
stay Don’t hide those tears And fold those tenfold fears But people always say Its life that we portray You think it’s all forever But neither life nor you were here We had our greener days Were happy in breezy sprays...

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Paths !
Paths were made Sealing one’s fate. Tunes high n low rung For the songs of love and hate Regrets will eat me up Ghosts of past emerging high Wake me up from this nightmare  Reality’s also
bitter, so I cry Why I looked for others Why felt pain of everyone Lo...

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Once a star of a long lost galaxy I now am mortal of few tendencies My hands are shaky My gait slow n weak What point life arrived Looking back feels weary   I had once a river of love in me Ended in sea of grief ... shortly Wrath and anger consumed me all ...

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