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Michael Tate
I write, I blog about writing, I cultivate mutant plants that may or may not take over the world one day.
I write, I blog about writing, I cultivate mutant plants that may or may not take over the world one day.

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It makes me sad to read the correspondence of great figures in history and see how well composed everything is, and then only to realize that in 50+ years when the history of my generation is being written, historians will be collecting tweets, blog/facebook posts and e-mails (all hastily written documents that in no sense really represent the true, well thought out opinions of the individual) to create a narrative of ones life. It's far too easy to just sit at a keyboard and type a message away, knowing that if you were not clear in your intent that a response can be composed and transmitted nearly instantaneously. Whereas I am seeing the value in actually writing down ones thoughts with an actual pen and paper and sending it out via mail. It may seem antiquated and it very well is, but in the exercise of making sure one's thoughts are fully composed and clear before sending it off, it is incredibly valuable.

That being said, anybody want a pen-pal :)
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Wow, I've gotten to the point where an easy 3mi run is not enough to maintain my current level of fitness...
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I've decided that when I start to formulate an idea for a story, I will be not looking at the plot, hooks, theme, or anything like that right off the bat. I'll be looking at what my character wants, what my character's flaws are, and what that character might have to do to overcome those flaws. Then I'll bring in the rest.

I've always done plot/hook first, then shoehorned in the characters and it just makes no sense. I'm done with that.
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I'm looking to swap some beta reads with people. If you're interested we could swap synopsis' and perhaps a first chapter or two and find out if we could make it work.
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I love beta reading, although I haven't done a lot of it for a while. Note to self...get back into that.
Critiquing. How do you feel about it?
Critiquing. How do you feel about it?
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I've been having a hell of a time finding a space opera that doesn't suck lately. I've now gone through 4 "previews" on my Kindle and I still haven't found anything even half-decent. Does anybody have a suggestion?
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Dwayne Wade goes to see the Doctor: (courtesy of Grantland)

Sharp: 1. Dwyane Wade enters the Miami locker room on Sunday afternoon.

2. The room is dark.

3. Pat Riley emerges fully nude, hair slicked back, holding a torch.

4. He invites Wade to take a seat in the center of the locker room.

5. From the back of the locker room, a cabal of Heat ambassadors emerges.

6. Alonzo Mourning, Rony Seikaly, Udonis Haslem, Rick Ross, and Filomena Tobias join hands with Riley in a circle around Wade.

7. They begin chanting in Aramaic, while Tobias breathes fire to light the room.

8. Six German doctors descend on Wade, poking and prodding, draining and injecting.

9. After 20 minutes, Riley motions toward the doctors with his torch. The doctors vanish into a pile of white dust.

10. Birdman the rapper enters from the showers, flocked by doves.

11. Birdman the basketball player enters from the opposite, flocked by vultures.

12. The vultures eat the doves. Haslem eats the vultures.

13. The Birdmen descend on Wade and begin rubbing their hands together.

14. The circle chants louder. Birdman the rapper dunks Wade's head into a cooler full of Moët.

15. Birdman the basketball player rubs his Mohawk on Wade's knee, horizontally, then vertically.

16. Wade removes his head from the cooler of Moët. He sees a crucifix seared into his injured knee.

17. The chants stop. Riley and The Circle of Heat disappear to the showers.

18. Ten minutes later, Riley returns alone.

19. They just sacrificed Seikaly. The ritual is almost complete.

20. Riley speaks. "This is for you, Dwyane." He hands Wade a human heart.

21. Wade eats Seikaly's heart.

22. Riley watches him, soaked in blood, still nude, and smiling like a proud parent.

23. "Your knee is fine now," he says. "Go be great."

24. Riley bursts into a plume of black smoke like Voldemort.

25. Wade stands, inhales the smoke, and walks out feeling refreshed.

It happened. You know it happened. BUT DID IT WORK?
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I wonder what prompted this particular banishment of the penguins...
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Has anybody figured out how to re-arrange the order of their circles? This is really starting to get annoying.
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