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Game localization studio - Inlingo
Game Localization, Testing, Music production, Assessment, Voice-over
Game Localization, Testing, Music production, Assessment, Voice-over

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After a whirlwind of flights, buses, taxis, meetings, talks and lessons on British humor, it's time to head home. Thanks to all our friends, partners and new contacts who have made the last 2 weeks so special. Particular thanks to the organisers of #CasualConnect Berlin and #WhiteNights Prague for two superb conferences. See you next time! #inlingo
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We're delighted to have the opportunity to help MyTarget promote foreign projects in Russia! And, of course, it's a great honor for us to stand side by side with the Mail.Ru Group at a conference like White Nights!
#wnconf #mytarget #inlingo


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Hello guys, we're going to Berlin. It's going to be George Butchard and Pavel Tokarev. We'll be happy to meet our colleagues from around the world. And we're ready to make you an offer you simply cannot turn down. See you there! #casualconnect #berlin #businesstrip #inlingo

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Inlingo team's taking part in an awesome project that's now in active search for investment to fully implement what they have in mind for the game.
Mortido - this game is about the way the human soul travels after death... as long as 40 days.
We're taking care of voice overs and sound design. Take a look at the project teaser we've finished a few days ago.
#Mortido #Game #Inlingo

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Defense Zone 3!
Thanks to Artem Kotov for this game. We're happy we had a chance take part in this project and make the game speak the following languages:
English, Arab, Chinese, Estonian, Farsi, Finnish, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Spanish
Swedish, Turkish, Ukrainian, Vietnamese, Greek.
#Inlingo #DefenseZone3


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Color Switch!
We're extremely happy for our partners, Fortafy Games!
Their crazy arcade Color Switch reached 100 million downloads!
It was released 7 month months ago and shortly after that got to the top of App Store Most Downloads rating in 53 countries.
We have translated the game into 15 languages:
Spanish, German, Italian, Danish, Hebrew, Tagalog (Philippines), Dutch, Sweden, Greek, Portuguese (Portugal), Portuguese (Brazil),
Hindi, Chinese, Simplified, Japanese and Russian.
#inlingo #localization


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Defense Zone 3 - Trailer
Developed by ARTEM KOTOV
Produced by Inlingo
Voice over by Inlingo
#inlingo #DefenseZone3

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Inlingo Game Reviews: Color Switch
We’re back with another review of a great game.
This time it’s Color Switch – a crazy puzzle by our partners, Fortafy Games.
We’re pretty sure that you’ll download it after watching the review. Caution: extremely addictive!
#inlingo #colorswitch

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Inlingo Game Reviews: Pocket Troops
We’re happy to give you a new series of posts: Inlingo Game Reviews. Today we ‘re talking about an awesome game—Pocket Troops. We’re localizing the title and also helping our partners to market it.
#inlingo #pockettroops

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Public lecture from #Inlingo at Higher School of Business-Informatics, Moscow. Alexey Medov, our lead editor, is going to speak about "Special aspects of localization of Russian games for international markets." 1st of March, #Inlingo at Higher School of Business-Informatics.

#HSBI #Inlingo2017 #Localization #GamesLocalization

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