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I travel for work. 3 weeks a month I'm in hotels.  I'm always looking for a better way to carry my paints with me. 

At Adepticon 2015 I got lucky and met Alex from  He offered me a travel tray he had on display.  The one he had was for P3 paints.  I needed one for dropper bottles, he just happened to be working on a prototype for one.  When I got home I ordered it.

Working with Alex was easy.  I even asked for a few P3 slots be added to the center, he did so.  This tray is made of Laser Cut MDF board with two plastic handles.  This custom tray holds 64 dropper bottles and has 15 slots for P3 paints.  It is the perfect size to fit into the P3 paint bag offered by

It was easy to assemble.  Once the lid and locking piece are in place the droppers cannot come out.  Makes it perfect for travel and keeping the paints safe and organized.

I am super excited to try this out.  I will do an update post at a later date.

If this is something you need please contact Alex

If you want the bag, those are sold on
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