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baby photo ideas
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baby photo ideas

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Basic Tips for better photos of your baby:

Tip 1: Continuous Shooting. Set your camera to continuous shooting and take multiple photos
- you don't want to miss a perfect gesture. Little ones are making faces per second. They get from smile to wonder to cry in one second.
- don't take too many photos because when it moves forward and backward, it gets out of focus. Focus again from time to time.

Tip 2: Shutter Speed. Set your camera to highest possible shutter speed in given conditions
- baby won't stay still for a second
- you eliminate hand shaking and baby quick movement, so you get a sharper image
- if you can't increase speed anymore, try to shoot when baby is not moving. Also try to have your camera still (don't shoot from hand, use tripod or anything handy as a support, such as a towel on the bed). Camera will shake also when you press the shutter button, so you can use AutoTimer and maybe join your baby in the frame.

Tip 3: Best Light.Look for the best light in the environment.
- more light means you can get a quicker shutter speed.
- don't shoot with the light behind your baby unless you know what you want to obtain and how to set up your camera. You will find here later on tips for using light from behind.
- shoot with the light in front of the subject, but avoid harsh shadows on baby face. 
- don't use flash!!! baby's eyes are sensitive to quick changes of light.
- if you are in Auto mode, your camera will use its flash to get more light so it can use quicker shutter speed. In low light conditions, get out of Auto mode. You will find later here how to change other parameters to get more shutter speed.

Tip 4: Composition. Rule of Thirds
- don't put your subject in the center of the photo unless your photo have very symmetrical elements in it, so your subject will stand out, breaking symmetry.
- Rule of thirds = split your frame with 2 vertical and 2 horizontal lines. Put your point of interest at intersection of any 2 lines (baby eye for example).
All cameras have a view type with these lines. This is one of the reasons why you should use these lines on top of your LCD screen.

Tip 5: Get closer!
- try different distances and see which one you like more. Close up to the point that your camera can't focus anymore.
- you will find yourself following Rule of Thirds. Most likely, at least one eye will be at intersection.

Tip 6: Eliminate distracting elements
- get closer
- use single color background (white, black, etc.)
- get blurred background (bokeh) by using an open aperture (if your camera is expensive enough :) ), or by post-processing the image in software applications. More on this subject in future posts.

Tip 7: Get to baby level
- try to change angle of view and test different positions of you and your camera
- get lower, get baby level, get upper, tilt your camera left, tilt it right, get back, get closer, get better.

Tip 8: Shoot just hands and feet
- adorable. No comment.
- shoot them in the same picture with yours. Frame just your hand/foot to make more difference.

Tip 9: Know your baby moods
- and keep your camera close when you know he is happy
- take photos when he cries also. That's a part of his childhood too. And pictures are very expressive.

Tip 10: Get inspired!
- Ask yourself what you like and what not for any photo you see. Learn your taste. Otherwise you don't know what you want the photo to look like. 
- just a search for "baby photos" on google -> images tab, returned more than amazing images. Take your time and ask yourself why you like some and why not. Tell me when you finish them and are out of ideas.

P.S. Tip 0: Enjoy! 
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