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It's February Eve!
And you all know what that means.   It is time for the annual Airing of the WIPs, in preparation for February is for Finishing. Discovering project bags sure has made my project "group photo" tidier. We've been celebrating the fine month of February here at...

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Pat Pat Toot Toot: A Maker's Year in Review
2016 was a rough year for a lot of people in a lot of ways, both personal and political.  I had my fair share of personal upsets, disappointing and concerning things took place in my professional life (none that directly impacted my own role or earning abil...

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Throat Clearing
Man, I did not mean to abandon my blog for six months. I have no idea what happened there. I was merrily posting along every week, and then I started posting every three weeks to every month, and then ... nothing. I've been thinking about blogging.  I've be...

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Projects in Progress or What Madness am I Up to This Week?
It's been a while since I've done a general round-up of what I'm working on. With Stash Dash upon us, the short answer is "everything" -- but barring that not particularly helpful or fulsome response, I thought I'd take you through a bit of a pictorial tour...

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FO: Rose City Dancers and a Very Berry Anklet
To make up for being a day late getting this written, I offer you a "two-for-the-price-of-one" FO post. I sat down on May 1 to cast on some socks.  At the time I had no socks on the needles at all, having just wrapped up the Monkeys that I started back when...

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Happy First Day of Stash Dash
Stash Dash 2016 is upon us, and my spreadsheet and I are prepared. Stash Dash is a summer finish-along hosted by Laura and Leslie of The Knit Girllls videocast .  (If you don't watch them, you're missing out.  They're a treat.)  Anyway, the idea is to finis...

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On Being a Maker, Part 1: Heritage
Earlier this year, Kate from the A Playful Day podcast asked the question, "What does making mean to YOU? " ( Here's a link to the specific episode where she posed the question.  It's worth a listen.) I've been rock-tumbling my answer ever since, and of cou...

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FO: Pink Monkeys
So, it turns out my "April Socks" were actually my March socks of 2015.   I do what I want, Thor.  My party, my rules, etc. etc. I cast these on last year during my annual early March frenzy of startosis.  (The natural and inevitable consequence of February...

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No, it is too much. Let me sum up.
April has just flown by.  Do you hear that WHOOSHING noise?  That was April.  Happily, I caught a lot of it on film (er, metaphorical film.  I use my cell phone.  But you know what I mean.) So settle in and buckle up.  Here's a picture heavy, lightning tour...

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+Koren M.​ talked me into a painting class. Such fun! Such wobbly moon!
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