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Ed Kivell
Computer consultant - Windows & Mac. When computer failure is not an option, contact us.
Computer consultant - Windows & Mac. When computer failure is not an option, contact us.
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 Ransomware Story - The owner of a plumbing and heating company
opened what he thought was a safe email about a Fedex tracking number.
The email turned out a ransomware scam. Thus, within a nanosecond all of
data files were encrypted. The attached extern...

I was at a wedding today, when a problem arose. The restaurant's router wouldn't access the internet. When you went to web site, the browser screen just said, " Server not found". So using my smartphone, I accessed the router via its IP address. I checked the router configuration, then I restarted the router by clicking on the restart command.

After the router restarted, I restarted my smartphone, connected to the router WiFi again and tried to access the internet. Voila, it worked. All the guests at my table were happy to hear the news that the WiFi link now worked.

Sometimes. a simple restart cures what is troubling you.

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- What is it? (Updated) Ransomware is a type of malware
that prevents a computer user from using their computer or from accessing the data stored on their computer. To regain access to their data, the user is
forced to pay a ransom for a decrypt...

Fantastic computer consultant. Able to diagnose a problem and quickly determine an effective solution. Recently, Ed was able to remove a virus from my computer and save all of my data. He has removed all of the aggravation that I used to have in trying to deal with the technology aspects of my life. He always explains what the problem is in clear, concise terms and typically presents a number of solutions to select from.

Michael Kristof  on Google+   Oct. 9, 2013

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Client review from, the "Hire-A-Pro" web site -

"We called Ed in a panic because we had a virus in the computer. he came immediately. He resolved all of the problems, explained each step clearly in non tech language, gave recommendations to improve the computers performance. professional, informative, completed all the tasks within the initial quote on budget. We would give the highest recommendation."

Joyce D. - Bandilane Canine Center

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Ransomware is the generic term for a malicious virus that will typically render your computer inoperable and ask you to pay a fee or ransom to regain control. These threats can usually be removed without paying up, by  using a decent anti-virus program or malware removal program.

CryptoLocker is different. Your computer and software keep on working, but your personal files, such as documents, spreadsheets and images, are encrypted.

Click on the link below to more about the topic.

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Read about the cure for the FBI virus

I would highly recommend Edward Kivell for your IT/PC needs. He has upgraded my son’s Dell laptop and successfully repaired and re-imaged my niece’s Mac laptop. Both with excellent results. Ed provides timely communication updates, pricing, and provides you with the information needed to make decisions about your computer.

Peter Wolfson AT&T September 26, 2012

Ed Kivell has been a fail-safe IT resource to my business for several years addressing PCs, MACs and my network. Ed has addressed a wide variety of issues from network drive back-ups, to configuring new laptops for the network, to upgrading memory and graphics cards, to security breaches and software application bugs. He responds quickly and reliably and can work remotely or come to the office for major catastrophes. He is amazingly knowledgeable about the latest in cyber-security, all things Windows and MSOffice, and MAC OS. Most importantly, once the issue seems solved, Ed always checks back to make sure things are running smoothly. Great, trusted resource, always over-delivers value in every situation.

Valerie Oben Foxboro Consulting  June 12, 2013
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