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Renewable Energy - Efficient and Effective Transportation Systems
Renewable Energy - Efficient and Effective Transportation Systems


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We need a new interstate construction program to install electric vehicle charging strips on all interstate highways and secondary road before 2025.

The EIA projections on crude oil production in the US and the world will result in gasoline prices around $6 per gallon by 2020 and somewhere higher than $15 per gallon by 2025.

At the same time, we will have to build enough solar power systems to power these power strips for all of the vehicles that will be using them. We need to work towards building about 1 GWh of solar energy systems per week by 2025. #Energy #Green @CozadTX6
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Support for the Iran Nuclear Agreement

Contrary to Mr. Barton's beliefs, the Iran Nuclear Agreement by the US, Russia, China, Great Britain, France, and Germany with Iran is the best deal we could make within the reality of what will happen if the US walks away from the deal. The reality is Russia and China (I am surprised that Mr. Barton does not know that both of these nations hold thousands of nuclear weapons in their respective arsenals.) would immediately feel free to drop all of their sanctions blaming the US for reneging on the initial conditions set for the sanctions. Russia would immediate open trade talks on supplying Iran with nuclear reactor equipment. China, France and Germany would immediately resume their trade negotiations with Iran in exchange for oil. As the members of the deal break away, the other nations that are holding Iranian funds (~$152 billion) and other assets would begin unfreezing those items and begin their own trade negotiations with Iran. This will leave the US holding the bag with the weak and ineffective sanctions left over from the Bush Administrations. It also leaves Iran free to pursue whatever they want to do in regards to nuclear weapons with Russia, China, and France supplying them with the tools and equipment they need.

Mr. Barton is wrong about that list of nuclear states and state sponsored terrorism. First, North Korea has somewhere between 1 and 5 small nuclear weapons and conducts terrorism on a quarterly basis. Second, Russia has a few thousand nuclear weapons and has been conducting terrorism in Ukraine and Georgia on a regular basis. China has about a thousand nuclear weapons and commits terrorism against its own population on a regular basis. Israel has several hundred nuclear weapons and conducts terrorism against its Arab neighbors on a regular basis. Do I need to name more?

Terrorism is not an existential threat to the US. For instance, ISIS is a paper tiger that can inflict painful and a bit bloody paper cuts on the US and its allies. We lose annually more Texans to traffic accidents than the US has lost people to terrorism for the last 30 years. The greatest threat to the US will come from China when it moves to force the US to retreat from the Pacific Ocean trade routes. I, all of our military chiefs, and President Obama view the island building attempts by China in the South China Sea as the first major thrust in this new type of trade war.

Mr. Barton is wrong about what Iran is going to be able to do after the agreement is fully implemented. The agreement would move Iran from a two month breakout to a nuclear weapon (which it had since the Bush Administration) to an one year and two months breakout. This was done by having Iran give up almost all of its enriched (~25% pure) uranium and all of its plutonium. Iran also had to remove most of its centrifuges and not use the remainder for the life of the agreement. As for what is said on Iranian TVs controlled by their hardliners would be the same as listening to Fox News with its 79% disinformation rate. You need to listen to a higher quality news service, Mr. Barton.

Mr. Barton needs to look at a calendar and see that when Iran will be able to build a nuclear weapon under the agreement's terms, President Obama will have retired, President Clinton will have retired after two terms, and (if the Republicans ever get their act together) in the second term of a TBD Republican president.

Mr. Barton, I am stunned to hear you are against this agreement. It is obvious you don't understand any of the alternatives we are facing. First, with the agreement in place, if Iran breaks it, the world will give us a "get out of jail free" card which is what happened after Saddam Hussein attacked Kuwait and after Al Qaeda attacked the US on 9/11. However, without the agreement, the world will not give us a "get out of jail free" card just like they did not when the US invaded Iraq the second time.

Also, Mr. Barton has said nothing about the war we will have to fight against Iran if the agreement is denied by the Republican Congress. Because without the agreement, Iran will be free to build a nuclear weapon immediately and the only way to stop it would be to invade Iran. The Iranians have been preparing for another version of "shock and awe" for some time now. They have been buying the latest anti-air weapons from Russia and China for years. We will have to blast our way in. It will be another Vietnam with the same level of KIA and WIA. And we will get to build another Black Wall with 58,000 or more names. Yes, Mr. Barton, that is a problem the American people may not want to have.

David E. Cozad

In response to comments by Representative Joe Barton at a Midlothian event.

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