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Wilson Owens
Co-Founder of Royalty Exchange.
Co-Founder of Royalty Exchange.

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Check out Phillip Roebeck. Really encompasses the true value of music for musicians and consumers

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Looking forward to speaking with +Eric Enge today!
Wilson Owens of Royalty Exchange ( is a very successful entrepreneur.  So much so that he was recently named to the Forbes 30 under 30 in music.  Join me for a special #DMEShow  as we talk about the special magic that leads to building a successful company from the ground up.

Just say YES to get access to the video for live viewing, or later viewing.  We will also share the YouTube link here in the event for mobile viewers.

Please INVITE others or share the event.  We appreciate your help!

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HUGE ruling in court about music publishing. This decision was made after a lawsuit by a member of The Village People.

Even though there have been many lawsuits over royalties and publishing rights, the impact of these decision were on a personal level. However, the ruling in this case will have a large effect on the future of music publishing rights and royalties

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Great post +Mark Traphagen. The pictures in this article make it even better
SEO Is Dead? No! THIS Is the Golden Age of SEO

Yes, the days of just doing the basics of SEO are over (because almost everyone already does them). Yes, good SEO is harder than ever, and clients are more demanding of faster results.

But...for those who work hard at a diversified SEO strategy, including things like social into the mix, these indeed are the Golden Days of SEO.

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Since the biggest game in my sports world is taking place in a couple of hours, I wanted to share one of my favorite photos.

I also have to give the kid some credit for being a good sport...temporarily. You will sit alone in the real world soon enough my young friend


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Incredible and beautiful video of a time lapse in Yosemite

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Infographic of the History of Radio: From Telsa to (currently, my favorite site)

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5 Keys to Automating Your Social Media

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Where's the pizza!

more animations from photographs by +Dunken K Bliths

+Andy Borowitz might have the best introduction under his name of anybody on Google+. Glad to hear some honesty (as I wipe off the tears from my keyboard)
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