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Do you have one of these #iOS apps? Your #financial info could be at risk. #cybersecurity
SourceDNA, a code analytics platform which audits Android and iOS apps, recently released a report indicating that more than 1,000 iOS apps have a serious security vulnerability that could compromise a user's financial details. The bug prevents the apps from correctly authenticating SSL certificates, opening the apps up to a number of man-in-the-middle attacks. While…
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Congratulations Rebekah! Such an inspiring story. ‪#‎GoodNewsFriday‬ ‪#‎BostonStrong‬
Rebekah Gregory was among those injured during the 2013 bombings....
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Timing is everything; 7 spring sale items and when to buy.
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On the 2nd anniversary of the Boston Marathon bombing, survivors and rescuers call for kindness. #OneBostonDay #GoodNewsFriday
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Today is ‪#‎OneBostonDay‬ - a day that celebrates strength and resiliency. We are ‪#‎BostonStrong‬.
#OneBostonDay is a celebration of the resiliency and generosity of the people of Boston. Join your neighbors and share what you will do.
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Don't fall for an IRS scam phone call. #IRS #ScamAlert #StartWithTrust #taxes
Marlborough, MA - Tax season may be over but that has not stopped scammers from continuing to pose as IRS officials and making calls threatening jail time and loss of property. Thousands of calls have been made to individuals across the country with total losses around one million dollars.
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Make sure your donation doesn't go to a scam. #scamalert #donations #charity #fraud
Americans are serious about giving back: 83 percent say they donated money within the past year, and 65 percent gave their time to a charitable or religious org
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Have them in circles
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#SCAMALERT: Door-to-Door magazine scams! #BBB #StartWithTrust
Like seasonal allergies and rainy weather, door-to-door magazine scams are an annual annoyance that return each spring. Be on the lookout for scammers selling fake magazine subscriptions. 
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Are your marketing and sales teams at odds?
The divide between sales and marketing has almost become expected. It always seems to come down to the same problems. Marketing is dissatisfied with sales because lead conversion rates are low. Sales is dissatisfied with mark...
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Do you really know what's in your dietary supplement? #BBB #consumernews #health
These days, health conscious consumers and those with allergies pay close attention to product labels and ingredients. While vigilance is important, it may not
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What to do if someone filed a false tax return in your name. #scamalert #taxes
Act quickly, since criminals will often try to use your personal information again.
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Ever wonder how top professionals who work crazy hours do it and still have a life? ‪#‎MondayMotivation‬
Wall Street executives, entrepreneurs, and consultants are known for working crazy long hours. Logging 80 hours a week is not uncommon for them, and that number can hit the triple digits during especially busy weeks. But some have figured out how to have a life outside of work, despite their insa...
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Be alerted to the latest scams and get trustworthy tips from your BBB.
BBB’s mission is to be the leader in advancing marketplace trust. 

Founded in 1912, BBB is a nonprofit organization which has served both consumers and businesses as a source of trusted, unbiased information for nearly 100 years. Today, 112 BBBs serve communities across the U.S. and Canada, evaluating and monitoring more than 3 million local and national businesses and charities.

To accomplish our mission, we follow these values to guide all of our decisions and behavior: excellence, integrity, teamwork, trust, and respect.

Free information is available to consumers about businesses in Eastern Massachusetts, Maine, Rhode Island and Vermont. To obtain a Business Review, please visit

To request pricing from a BBB Accredited Business you can trust, visit:

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