I guess I should weigh in on the #sciencegirlthing today.

I've been leaving comments around the various places this video is posted. 

Here are a few:

on  +Darren Rye 's post: Never once did an experiment or procedure in the lab 1) care that I was female 2) decide to work better because of my clothing/shoe choice. How I carry and present myself is important as a teacher and communicator, but neither rely upon short skirts and heels. +Rajini Rao  is right, none of the girls are seen actually doing the work of science. This is part of the problem I have with GQ's  Rock Stars of Science campaign. As much as they say the focus is on the scientists, I still think it would be more effective to bring the real rock stars (musicians) into the lab and let them get their hands in and do the work and ooh and ahh at glowing cells or discover they can separate and identify DNA.

On +Mary Mangan 's post:

As I posted when +Ed Yong  added this on Facebook, I run a girls engineering camp (formerly for middle school, now up to high schoolers) and help out with all manner of young people, but am  often called to help with girls' science programs. The girls don't seem especially concerned with the feminine trappings, but really enjoy speaking with women (or men) who are enthusiastic and passionate about what they do. Sure, the little girls (like 5-7 years old) will come up and play with my hair, and I'll get an occasional compliment on a blouse or earring choice, but mostly these girls want to be around people who get a kick out of science. They see me speak in scientific terms and engage with them. If you are interested in these kids/teens as people (and that's what most kids want, isn't it?) and share your passion for science, you might impress a few of them now and again. 

This campaign is focusing on the superfluous. That being said, I do like the imagery from the macro to the micro, though, it just needed to be less "glammed".
So I woke up to European outrage this morning in my twitter stream. There's apparently a new campaign to lure more females to science. It's being denounced and shredded by every scientist I have seen comment on it, sometimes in very funny ways. 

My favorite so far via +Ed Yong :
Actual LOL. RT @OctoberJones That Science girl video was the result of a long development process. The original idea: http://twitpic.com/9z7jns .

You can follow the drama at #sciencegirlthing  on twitter. 

I'm sorry to include the actual video, but you should know what it's about as the drama continues to build. I could say more, but I expect you'll see for yourself what's wrong with this. And have a look at the downrates on this video--that's quite a ratio. 
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