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The power steering pump produces up to 2000 pounds of pressure and high heat. This system does not include a filter so it is unable to filter out accumulated residue and gear debris. Over time oxidized fluid stops protecting the system thereby steering may become unsafe and erratic and gears may start to grind.

Are you having power steering issues as you drive the roads in Rochester, MN? There are many mechanics in our area to choose from as you consider where to get your auto repair performed. But not all mechanics are the same, nor do they all carry quality fluids like BG. At Babcock Auto Care we are committed to offering the best service and fluids available.

The BG Power Steering service removes old fluid and contaminates—replacing it with a special fluid containing conditioner designed to prevent wear, reduce noise and help keep the entire power steering system clean with quiet operation.

The lifetime BG protection plan underwrites the quality of this service if done every 30,000 miles. This BG Power Steering service costs around $119. Make sure your Power steering system is protected properly for safe handling.

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The driveline transfers the power from the engine and transmission to the wheels in your vehicle. Over time, gear oils break down and become contaminated. This leads to:
• Lubrication failure
• Worn gears
• Deposit formation

As a result, your vehicle may be subject to major repair costs. As with any fluid in your vehicle, exchanging the fluid with fresh is a maintenance service that will help prevent these problems in your vehicle. Oil components vary per manufacturer. If you choose the BG driveline service at Babcock Auto Care, you will receive a superior service that includes more than just draining the used fluid. It uses BG driveline equipment designed specifically to remove the old gear oil and replaces it with a high-quality BG gear oil package. There are three driveline services to consider—front differential, rear differential, and transfer case. Each of these quality BG services cost $99 each or combine all three for a package price of $279. These driveline services provide:
Optimum driveline efficiency
Improved seal performance
Protections against wear, pitting, and corrosion

These driveline services also come with a premium warranty if performed on a routine basis: every 30,000 miles. With temperature extremes, it is important to take extra care in maintaining your vehicle. Our mechanics in Rochester, MN perform all services with the care your vehicle deserves while our Service Advisors take care of you. Not only this but Babcock Auto Care performs all repairs and maintenance your vehicle requires, has a courtesy shuttle, loyalty program and superior warranties. #drivelineservice #reardifferential #frontdifferential #transfercase

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Want a fresh start for your diesel truck? Consider a BG Diesel Performance Oil Change at your next visit. This service cleans both the oil and fuel systems. It also includes an oil conditioner so that you can go longer between oil changes. How does it work?
• BG Engine Performance Restoration (EPR) cleans and removes deposits that are built up between the piston rings.
• BG 245 treats diesel fuel and cleans injectors and combustion chambers to help restore your diesel truck’s superior performance, give you a smooth engine idle, improve your fuel economy.
• BG DOC is a conditioner specially designed for your diesel’s engine to neutralize acids and decrease the possibility of corrosion, reduces friction and wear on your engine’s parts, stabilizes viscosity for best performance, prevents sludge due to increased oxidation and increases soot control.

Your diesel truck engine requires the correct combination of air and fuel for the best diesel truck performance whether you own one diesel truck or a fleet of diesel trucks. In order to keep your diesel truck top condition, diesel truck maintenance is critical. Consider a BG Diesel Performance Oil change on your next visit. It will help with premature engine wear, downtime, and high fuel costs – saving you time and money.

In addition to this, we understand how expensive diesel repair in Rochester, MN. This service that will help safeguard against expensive diesel engine repair is valuable. The cost of this performance diesel oil change in Rochester, MN is the base price of the oil you choose plus $119 for the three products: EPR, 245 and DOC.

But wait! There is more. Ask our service advisors at Babcock Auto Care, voted Rochester’s best auto repair, about the lifetime engine warranty that accompanies this valuable service.

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Do you smell a foul, _musty odor_when you turn your air conditioning on during the summer months in Rochester, Minnesot? It is caused by bacterial growth in the evaporator. This musty odor is harmful to breathe by drivers and other occupants in your vehicle, especially for children and those with allergies.

Using a proven cleaning process, the BG climate control service will remove the bacterial contaminants and other debris from your vehicle’s air conditioning system. The service includes disinfecting all air vents and adding a conditioner for quieter a/c compressor operation and longer life of the air conditioning system.

Did you even know that an air conditioning service like this was available? Will this air conditioning repair help your vehicle? As you travel the Rochester, MN roads this summer, make sure your car air conditioning system is clean and blowing clean air.

As an air conditioning repair, this service costs $150. The benefits far outweigh the cost as you make your way around Rochester, MN or other summer vacation road trips in the heat – staying cool with clean air!
#acrepairrochestermn #accarrepair
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Your engine’s cooling system consists of more than just the radiator. The water pump circulates coolant to the engine- and _heater core then returns it to be cooled. The temperature extremes we experience in Rochester, Minnesota compromise the entire cooling system with rust, corrosion and scale build up.

A simple PH test can identify when coolant has stopped protecting vital engine parts. When it’s not protected properly, corrosion will begin. The BG Cooling System Service cleans and then replenishes the entire cooling system with premium coolant and supplemental conditioners. This preserves and helps protect the entire cooling system from rust and corrosion – keeping your vehicle healthier for longer on the Minnesota roadways.

Babcock Auto Care extends a warranty to our customers that covers the cooling system of your vehicle for a lifetime if done during the proper intervals—every 30,000 miles. This cooling system flush and service costs around $180 (up to 12 quarts) in Rochester, MN. There are fluid companies that provide an inferior product - where the cost can be less than the BG coolant flush. However, the BG coolant flush that we offer at Babcock Auto Care is the highest quality product on the market that provides superior protection. This is why we are able to stand behind it with such an outstanding warranty.
#coolantflush #BGcoolantflush #coolantflushcost #coolantflushhowoften
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Why is brake fluid important? When is the last time you had a brake fluid flush? How often should brake fluid be flushed or exchanged? What does a brake fluid flush cost? Let's discover the answer to these questions.

Calipers on disc brakes operate similarly to bicycle brakes. With the pressure of the hydraulic fluid, brake pistons press the pads against the rotor – creating the friction needed to slow your vehicle down. Brake fluid attracts moisture, especially in areas like Rochester, MN. The moisture reduces the boiling point of the brake fluid, making the brake pedal spongy and stopping ability can diminish. Furthermore, this moisture can cause internal corrosion in the brake lines, calipers, the master cylinder and other components.

A test strip shows how well the brake fluid is protecting the brake system. If a brake fluid flush is needed based on time, mileage or need (test strip indication). Many auto repair shops in Rochester, MN recommend brake fluid exchanges every 30,000 miles or two years, but some manufacturers are requiring more often (20,000 miles) in severe weather areas like Rochester, MN because of the harsh winter weather and humidity.

The BG brake service removes all of the old brake fluid and replaces it with new brake fluid based on your vehicle’s requirements. This service costs about $110 on most vehicles but may vary. Because brakes are your vehicle’s most important safety system, it’s important to have your brake system inspected regularly and do scheduled maintenance on time.
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The first day of summer is today, June 21, 2018. Google is celebrating this year's summer solstice with the google icon. You might wonder "What is the summer solstice"? The summer solstice has the longest daylight hours in the year and the shortest night hours - it marks the official start date of summer

In Rochester, MN our summer solstice is a cloudy, rainy day - so will we even notice extra daylight? Instead of the first day of summer, it feels more like mid-spring with overcast skies temperatures in the mid-sixties and our yards are sopping wet with a week filled with continual rain. But there is good news - sunshine and upper 70s are predicted for tomorrow - a day with a tiny bit less sunlight but likely a brighter day overall. Maybe it will lift our spirits and help us get into the summer groove!

Until the sun comes tomorrow, what might be a summer car tip we can use today? That's easy - wiper blades. Great vision is important while driving. Do your wiper blades leave streaks across your windshield? Do your "wiper blades squeak"? Make sure you're seeing the roadways and other motorists clearly by getting new wiper blades installed today.

You might wonder if all windshield wiper blades are alike. The answer is a big fat NO! The old saying holds true: you get what you pay for. If you purchase cheap, low-quality wiper blades for your car, SUV or truck, likely you will not enjoy the quiet, better functioning, longer-lasting, higher quality wiper blades that are made better but are more expensive. Our mechanics at Babcock Auto Care would be happy to show you the difference in wiper blades and help you with a new set today - the first day of summer, filled with rain but also with the hope that sunshine will come.
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”How often should you replace your engine air filter?” Why should you replace your engine air filter ”? How much does an engine air filter cost?” Let’s explore the answers to these questions.
When is the last time you have your engine air filter replaced? Replacing the engine air filter is sometimes a service drivers overlook and having a dirty engine air filter can have a negative effect on your vehicle’s performance. You see, the reason the engine has the air filter is so that it can prevent dirt, dust and other debris or contaminants from getting into the engine. So really, its job is to get dirty so your engine won’t. But what happens when it’s dirty and not replace periodically? Well, the filter gets clogged and restricts air flow to the engine. This may decrease the efficiency of your engine and can lead to other problems.
Do you replace your engine air filter every 15,000-30,000 miles or as your owner’s manual recommends? Sometimes, it may even be advised that you change your engine air filter more often based on where you drive – like if you travel over gravel/dusty roads.
As engine air filter replacement is a maintenance item, your vehicle will perform at its best if you change it according to the owner’s manual. But if you drive on dusty roads and you might be able to tell if the engine air filter needs to be replaced sooner by looking at it – if it has dark areas on the section through which the outside air comes through, then it’s probably best to replace it.
If your vehicle is older than three years or has 30,000 miles or more on the odometer, you’ve never replaced the engine air filter and you can’t tell if it’s clogged by looking at it, you should probably replace it now.
”How much does it cost to replace the engine air filter in your vehicle?” Depending on the type your vehicle requires the cost varies between $15 to $40 + tax. If you are handy, this may be a service you can perform on your own – just make sure you buy the correct engine filter replacement and reattach everything securely.
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"What is a rear main seal?" Just like the name suggests, it is the rear main seal of the engine that keeps oil sealed inside the rear of the engine—where the crankshaft meets the transmission. A problem that has become more prevalent is that the rear main seal is not doing its job—oil is leaking out or an engine vacuum in created and causes problems.

Some makes are more prone to rear main seal problems than others depending on what they are made of (rubber or silicone) and how prone they are to wear due to use, age, rotational force of the crankshaft or even climate—with corrosion from salt on the roadways. On the Rochester, MN roadways, where we experience temperature extremes as well as other environmental factors, this could increase the chances of issues with the rear main seal of your engine.

Do you own a Volkswagen? If you do, you might have a higher chance of having this problem—_Volkswagen_ vehicles are known for rear main seal problems because of how they were designed. The glue that was used to hold the seal in place is not maintaining its stickiness and the seal falls out. When this happens, oil will leak and will drip from where the transmission connects to the engine or even into the oil pan.

The repair for the separated rear main seal in your Volkswagen is to have it replaced with the updated version—the seal is put in the opposite way and is held on by tension rather than glue. If you own a vehicle other than a Volkswagen and the seal becomes detached for any of the other listed reasons, the cure again is replacement with a new seal made for your make/model vehicle.

Some people choose to forgo the right fix and use oil additives that might restore the seal temporarily but may cause other problems in your engine. Sometimes the owner may try to use a heavier oil to help with the problem—but this is not a wise idea either. Your vehicle is designed by the manufacturer to work optimally with a specific oil. Changing this may inadvertently cause other problems.

Often times automotive technicians in Rochester, MN and surrounding areas will recommend replacing the rear main seal whenever the transmission has to be removed for another reason—even if it’s not leaking at the time. This is because the labor has already been done and replacing the rear main seal at that point will only be the cost of the part.

So, you may be asking, “How much does it cost to replace the rear main seal?”. The cost varies depending on the make/model, drive train, engine size and even how difficult it is to get to that area of your vehicle. The job is labor-intensive because the rear main seal is on the back of the engine and seals the crankshaft as it exits the engine of your vehicle. Because the seal sets snuggly between your engine and transmission, one of them will have to be removed in order to replace the rear main seal. This job takes a significant amount of time and definitely costs more because of the labor rather than the part to replace.
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Does your car, truck or SUV start well every time? After the tough winter, how does your car battery look? Is there corrosion, rust or other debris on the posts of your car battery? Do you need a car battery test or possibly a car battery replacement? Or do you simply need a car battery service?

There are many reasons for corrosion of your car battery. One such problem is that corrosion accumulates around battery posts and actually creates a conduit for power to slowly drain from the battery—which can leave you stranded. The BG battery service removes in cleans all battery terminals and cable connections. The battery post will be insulated from the battery case with terminal protectors and a special sealer for ongoing protection will be added.

How much does a "car battery service cost"? You’ll find that this varies depending on the product automotive repair and maintenance facilities choose to use. For a quality BG battery service, the cost is $24.99 + tax/fees. For this low amount, it may be worth having your battery tested before replacement. If your battery is still good, a simple BG low cost battery service could be the answer to your battery problems.
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