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Dear Diary,
            On July 30, 2013, I recall the lesson that I already studied last night about the Basic Networking Security because we have a quiz on this day. It’s great because I got a perfect score on that exam and my sacrifice to study means a lot to me. After the exam, we had our activity No.3 about the STRAIGHT THROUGH and I learned a lot on that activity in identifying and configuring the colors of wires of the UTP Cables. As usual I am the last who had passed my activity because I had a hard time to straighten the wire because it twist and you need to straighten it correctly in order to avoid malfunctioning when you insert it into the computer and lastly I performed the activity safely and effectively.
            On July 31, 2013, I practiced my typing skills using Typing Tutor and I’m very grateful because it helps a lot in improving my words per minute. After that Mr. Ilagan discussed about the Basic Networking Security pages 3-5 and told us have a quiz on Friday.
            On August 01, 2013, my knowledge added about networking, I learned a lot on this day in configuring the connection of networking using the router and DHCP (Domain Host Configuration Protocol) in step by step procedures. I also learned on how to share files from one PC to another and installing the shared Net Chat application. Additionally, I enjoyed exchanging messages from my classmates using Net Chat.
            On August 02, 2013, last day of our major class while Mr. Ilagan didn’t come yet I study the lesson about Basic Networking Security pages 3-5 instead of practicing Typing Tutor because we have a quiz in the afternoon. After that, we continue in differentiating a router and DHCP on how to use it. We also shared files from PC to PC, chatting using the Net Chat and installing Café Manila. In Café Manila I learned a lot on how to use it and its function on how to log in, log out, add time and restart the other PC using the server.
            On the afternoon, we have only a quiz 1 up to 30 and I got 29 out of 30. Honestly, the two (2) answers was not from me it’s from my classmate although I familiarized the answer but I forgot it and my sin at that time added.
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