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I joined this community due to a distinct lack of belief and an idea that a community spirit need not be a "holy" spirit. I wanted to share thoughts with like minded people.
My family are not religious and I was never forced to believe or disbelieve.
As a kid I liked the stories and the idea and I hoped that there was a God. Then I grew up and stopped believing in imaginary things.
One of the main reasons that I hate religion is due to the organisation of it. I dislike that all religions ask for some sort of donation (be it monetary or "voluntary" labour) from the masses of poor people in order to ensure that a few rich religious institutions prosper and flourish. It's a form of corruption, like a global mafia racketeering scam."pay me and I'll keep your soul safe. Don't and something bad will happen"
I also lament at how those same masses are controlled, coerced and manipulated by their families, friends and their communities into believing whatever their supposed leaders tell them to believe. Anyone who asks the 'wrong' questions are labelled as heretics, insane, sinful or are just plain silenced for not following the established order.
So that is why I joined! I will now tell you why I am leaving!
I don't like that I am being manipulated and coerced into posting this introduction. My earlier post was moved to a moderator area because I haven't posted an introduction. so I'm getting the feeling that I must do as I am told by my leaders and go through what is essentialy a form of community "baptism" or be silenced by them.
I'm also disliking how a certain person sets himself up as the "owner" of the atheist community. Religious leaders tend to give themselves titles and exalt themselves above others also (think father, priest, imam, bishop, nun) and it's something I find distasteful.
So after saying that I hate how organised religion leads to people being coerced, led and silenced; I find myself in an organised atheist community in which I've experienced all of the above!
A word to the wise! If your atheist community is bearing all the hallmarks of a religious organisation; you might want to change or risk becoming what you hate!

Take care people!

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A truly great intellectual who will be missed!
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