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100: Full percentage
Last Bundaberg Sojourn?  Well it had been quite a journey. I'd like to write more but it has been hard work this month. WHEN: Monday week WHERE: Upstairs at the Hicks WHAT: What games are planned as major events? LoL, Artemis AoE2, Frozen throne WHAT TO BRI...

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98: dont be late
We're gonna play some FPS, Crisis wars & Killing Floor. Copies of each are availible for sharing. Then mayhaps a little League of Legends, Josh is Keen on hide ans Seek but I aint'. Neverthe less this should be updated. Also Pokemon Go, as the main backup. ...

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97 - Get Online on August Nine
Time to take stock of yourself, consider the future and the past. Ten years ago I was playing online games at university, LOL was probably not a thing? I was doing a research project of fish brains, had an old car and not even considered buying a house. Ten...

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96: Nun and Void
Your arguments are invalid. This is a worthwhile theme to pursue. My little space sister will sidle into town soon. Mainly to see other people, but a sojourn set in space is now scheduled for our ninety sixth. I've sequestered a second spare PC, which may n...

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Sojourn95: Airforce Windows
Was going to have a Car rally/Scavenger hunt with the people from for Mission Aviation Fellowship (MAF)  But in the end this event folded for lack of numbers. So plan B is to spend all day sitting inside. Now it is possible that Raskalnickoff will be keen f...

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93: where you been?
I've been everywhere man. But it is a while since I have been here. Bass Guitar has been replacing a lot of my other games and kitesurding is still a priority if there is ever enough wind. Still its about time to scratch this itch. WHEN: 28th Feb 6 PM WHERE...

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91: Advent is Coming
Will be the Sunday of the third advent candle. I can never recall which one is which and end up just guessing the fruits of the spirit. We had an RPG growing up where your weapons were the fruits of the spirit, the banana flew the fastest and furthest. Ben ...

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Decision: Social work or youth for Friday
Work social Used to go straight from work and be the
first one there, hang around till everybody leaves and be a bit social with my
colleges, find out about their personal lives and discuss the way the company
is running ethos/mission/long term stuff. But I...

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89: Gold Mine
After the last couple I think we probably don't need this website any more at all. I don't have any regular attendee's atm. Maybe we should all switch to Tricking? David warner got in the paper for that club, Though I thought it was just a group of mates. O...
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