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Witches' Tea Party 2015
A Little Story : The Party of Good Fortune Thank you so much for hosting such a wonderful and unique party!  All the other participants can be found on her blog! A Fanciful Twist A Little Story: The Party of Good Fortune The lilac witch teleported to the gy...

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A Cat Endorsed Christmas
Today, Little Miss Anya and I have been decorating for Christmas! We wanted you to see what we have done so far, and there will be more coming soon! This is our Christmas tree. I purchased it from a home decorating store called At Home . When I was looking ...

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Draw Your Own Fireplace
Since I don't have a fireplace, I decided to make one.  What you will need : Black Paint & Paintbrush Chalk Canvas of Your Choice Fake Garland So, you paint your canvas black and prop it up against a bureau or a drawer.  Take your garland, and place it insi...

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Hi! Today, Little Miss Anya the cat and I have been enjoying our afternoon tea. The days are getting chillier, so we are acquiring our warmth from the large front window. I love and collect vintage teapots. They are all very unique even if their design is s...

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Finding Home
What is the meaning of collecting shells? Shells were once homes for creatures that were abandoned. We as humans have a connection to shells. Humans struggle to find the perfect home and the perfect job when really that person's life was something that was ...
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