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Clean and elegant but still functional, just the way we like our featured desktops:

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For anyone who likes robotics, this thing is awesome

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Save your ass behind VPN on open wifi spot
If you aren't using a VPN on public Wi-Fi networks yet, it's time to start. Luckily it doesn't get any simpler than this.

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Facebook's Timeline profiles will hit all users in the coming weeks. Here's what you should know:

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Grooveshark's beta HTML5 webapp lets you access their library from any mobile device without a premium account.

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Yearning for the dismiss button on your iPhone like you have on your iPad when you want to get rid of the keyboard? If you're jailbroken, try Pull to Dismiss. All you have to do is swipe down and the keyboard will go away.

"To be a good professional engineer, always start to study late for exams because it teaches you how to manage time and tackle emergencies." - BILL GATES

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Awesome news about some new hangout stuff. Cant' wait for the release.
Happy holidays everyone!

- Start hangout from posts to discuss the post
- Start hangouts from mobile
- Hangouts on air for a bigger audience*
- New Christmas overlays like the moustache for hangouts

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Love BitTorrent but can't always keep your eyes on your downloads? Set up your system for remote monitoring from any computer or your phone:
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