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Interested in personal finance and blogging
Interested in personal finance and blogging


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What have you found is the best way to save money when buying gift cards? Have you used any of the sites mentioned in this post?

Do you typically buy gift cards for birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, or for purchases? Are you always on the hunt for good deals?

Gift cards are a great way to save money without actually changing what you buy at all. Here are some fantastic websites where you can save a ton when purchasing gift cards!

Included in this post:
● Holiday Gift Cards
● Cautions

#giftcards #gift #card #giftcards #eaglesoaringhigher #savemoney #save
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13 Tips on Traveling Frugally

Make a list. 
Pack a snack! 
Remember your toiletries! 
Take an empty bottle water. 
Park at The Parking Spot. 
Pack an extra set of clothes in your carry on. 

Click to read more!

#Travel   #Frugal   #Frugality   #eaglesoaringhigher
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What mistakes have you made and what have you learned on your blogging journey?

Do You Recognize These 11 Blogging Mistakes?

Have you made some mistakes along the way on your blogging journey? A lot of these mistakes I’ve made myself. We can all improve I’d imagine so why not share the knowledge?

These are not listed in any particular order and I left out some mistakes purposefully. So feel free to add your own mistakes and lessons learned in the comments below!

1. Not Starting
2. Giving up
3. Domain
4. Not Differentiating
5. Apologizing
6. Irregular Posting

Click to read the rest of article and the other 5 mistakes... 

‪#‎Eaglesoaringhigher‬ ‪#‎blog #blogging #mistakes #mistake #learn #learning #start #domain #differentiate 
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Start here! Welcome to relaunch of The No Spend Challenge! A No Spend Challenge for a month is a fantastic way to fund your emergency fund, pay off bills, reset spending habits, and keep yourself focused. #EagleSoaringHigher #NoSpendChallenge 
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What are your favorite charities? Will you change a life today and for the future through Compassion today? 

Challenge: Have Some Compassion!

Working on your personal finances and improving your blog is the primary focus of Eagle Soaring Higher. Yet this year I'd to issue a challenge! Earlier this week I issued a challenge for bloggers and readers to reach out to others with a servant's heart. Genuine interest in others is contagious and will make a huge impact! This is one way to follow through with that blog challenge and correlate it directly to finances.

2016 Challenge: Consider this year sponsoring an underprivileged child through Compassion International instead of buying lots of gifts for family or friends with things they really don’t need, may not want, and will likely not even not use...

Keep reading click link!

#give #compassion #sponsorachild #education #future #opportunity #challenge

Also check out Compassion International on Facebook.
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What are your favorite free or inexpensive date ideas? Which of the 30 suggestions on this list is your favorite idea? Welcome to day 17! Today our assignment is to plan a free date night (or day) for our significant other. #EagleSoaringHigher #NoSpendChallenge 
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What new ways will you try to connect with your ideal readers? 

Day 29: Today the #challenge is to #develop a #plan to #grow your #blog #readership.

I really believe this post is when everything starts coming together!

Whether you are an experienced blogger or just staring out here are 6 Important Questions to Ask Yourself as a Blogger:

1. How Much #Time Do You Have? 

2. Who is Your #Ideal #Reader?

3. Where Does Your Ideal Reader #Gather?

4. What #Opportunities are There to Build a #Presence Where Your Readers are Gathering?

5. How Are You Going To #Spend Your Time? 

6. What Needs To #Change

Read more click link!

#Eaglesoaringhigher #Problogger  #31DBBB 
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Have you heard of before? What scholarship tips do you have for high school students? Paying for College with High School Micro-Scholarships

I was listening to a Stacking Benjamins podcast number 20 on Paying for College with High School Micro-Scholarships recently when I came across the scholarship site started by CEO Preston Silverman.

The site provides micro-scholarship for over 60,000 high school students in 15,000 high schools by partnering with over 100 colleges and organizations across the United States since the site launched. The idea came to Mr. Silverman when he was teaching economics in high school in Bangalore, India. Pretty amazing right?

Students can earn up to $80,000 in scholarships! Would this interest you or your student? Keep reading...

#Eaglesoaringhigher #scholarship #scholarships #college #freemoney #university #students #student #savemoney #invest #future 
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Do you have a #financial #game #plan and #hope? How does that make you #feel? #win #winning #davedaily
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What sort of ‪#‎legacy‬ do you want to ‪#‎leave‬ ‪#‎behind‬? (Don’t limit yourself — ‪#‎think‬ ‪#‎big‬!)
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